Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

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Frank (Richard Harris) is an amatory ex-seaman. Walt (Robert Duvall) is a reserved haircutter leading an orderly quiet life. When the two lonely old men meet, they become reluctant friends and swap stories about their lifetimes. Together they combat loneliness, old age and their disparate dispositions. But after Frank harasses Walter`s friend, Elaine (Sandra Bullock), their relationship is shattered and they are forced to reevaluate one another. A touching story from melodrama filmmaker, Randa Haines, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway is clever minimal film. Working with only a tiny cast and a handful of sets, Haines produces a subtle and thought provoking film which closely examines aging and loneliness. Duvall and Harris brilliant as the quarreling old duo.



След година пауза, отново Дартс


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