Ерик Робъртс (Eric Roberts)

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April 18, 1956 - Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Всички филми на Ерик Робъртс (Eric Roberts)

Всички филми и роли на Ерик Робъртс (Eric Roberts)

Актьор - 32 Bluff Road - Terry Vestich
A Perfect Chaos - Carl Bigsby
Cake (town) - Michael
Devil's Knight - Camus
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree - Lieutenant Stevens
Mayday Z - Billionaire
Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America: The Movie - Uri
Pontius Pilate - Rafial - Roman Guard
Recast(Сериал) - Sir Peter Gable
SuperSonic - Senator Murphy
Unlawful Duties - Mayor Haskins
Working Stiffs(Късометражен) - Rhett Rockweller
Miracle Underground(2022)
Gateway to the West(2022) - Captain Akos
The Principal of Monster Lake(2022) - The Principal
Buckle Up - Oswald
Cadillac Respect(Късометражен) - Mayor Deville
Controlled - Dr. Derrick
Dog Boy - Lee Finman
From Dusk Till Bong - Harvey Van Winkle
G.O.D.Tech - Angel of the Messiah
It Wants Blood 2 - Du Sang
Stringer - David
Sweetwater - Judd
The Ballad of Travis Hunter - Larry Fineman
The Epidemic - Ralph
The Greek Job
Three Clicks(Късометражен) - Damien
VampireS - Detective Shawn O'Malley
We 5(Мини Сериал) - Robert Barlow (2021)
Wrath & Rituals(Сериал) - Victor Wolfe
Alone Today(2023) - Detective John Boone
Someone Dies Tonight(2022) - Niko Dukakis
The Dead Rose(2022) - Mayor Romano
The Downside of Bliss(2022) - Johnny
Alien Vampire Busters - Mayor Macmillan
Amityville Bigfoot - Dominic
An Angry Boy - Andy
Birthday Boyfriend - Trevor
Broken Church - John Parker
Bullet Train(Късометражен) - Krusemark
Dying to Sleep - Dr. Ted Palmer
Exceptional Beings - Poseidon
Exposure - Tony
First Kill the Lawyers
Heavy Metal(Късометражен) - Detective Brooks
Heroes and Villains - Michael Hero
How to Make Her Cheat - Peter
Insite - Derek
Killsite - Agent Rook
Lumina - Thom
Monsters of Mulberry Street - Joseph Coletti
My Red Neck Neighbor - Leroy Redick
Nite(Късометражен) - Tommmy Bernado
No More Goodbyes
Old Ferguson(Късометражен) - Eddy Ferguson
Pan American: Vol. I - Lorenzo
Running with Fear - Dr. Mattson
Sallywood - Agent
Soul Cage - Russ Hammer
Team of Two - Captain Johnson
Terror of the Soul - Father Francis
The Beast Comes at Midnight - Andras
The Last Saturday Night(Сериал) - George (2020-2021)
The Lost Princess - The Shaman
The Private Eye - Edmond
Things Like This - Paul Mandel
A Cotton Moon(Късометражен)(2023) - The Shepherd
Silver Fox(Късометражен)(2023) - Tim Masterson
Arena Wars(2022) - Admiral Jordan
Flight 704(2022) - Captain Elliot
Night of the Caregiver(2022)
Ojai(2022) - The Rigid Man
Space Sharks(2022) - Dr. Johnson
Dante's Hell(2022) - Dante (voice)
Survivor's Choice(2022) - Michael / Game Master (voice)
Classified(2022) - Congressman Kincaide
Dead Community Guild(2022) - The Stranger
Borrowed Time III
Lost in the Moment - Brad Enjeo
Sally Floss: Digital Detective(2022) - The Host
The Mosquito(Късометражен)(2022) - Dr. Glenn
Caroltyn(2022) - Sheriff Ridley
My Last Best Friend(2022) - The Protagonist / Walter Stoyanov
Dawn(2022) - Business Man
Keeping Up with the Joneses(Мини Сериал)(2021-2022) - Leo
The Elevator Game(2022) - Clayton Riggs
The Mermaid(Сериал)(2022) - Lieutenant Bellligi
The Other Path(2022) - Alexander Knight
Pandemic Pillow Talk(Сериал)(2022) - Buck
Escape Through Africa(2022) - Captain Lockwood
The Rideshare Killer(2022) - Lieutenant Moyer
The Righteous Gemstones(Сериал)(2022) - Junior Marsh
Broadcast(2022/I) - Sherman Paragon
8 Days to Hell(2022) - Alex Fillmore
The Electric Man(2022) - Mr. Manson
The Wrong High School Sweetheart(2022) - Detective Burns
The Surprise Visit(2022) - Hugh
Beneath the Green(2022) - Victor
A Kiss for the Devil(Късометражен)(2021) - Stick
Deadly Nightshade(2021) - Father Walsh
Greater Peace of Mind(Късометражен)(2021) - Mark
Megaboa(2021) - Dr. Malone
Memoirs of a Fighter(2021) - Peter Williams
Our Kind(Късометражен)(2021) - Mr. McGill
Purse(2021) - William
Sour Honey(Късометражен)(2021) - Cillian
Mr. Birthday(2021) - Rick
The Magic(2021) - Bill Buchanan
The Tasmanian Devil(2021) - Javier Torres
The Elevator(2021/I) - Roman Juniper
Night Night(2021) - Dr. Nelson
Pups Alone(2021) - CEO Bill
A Town Called Parable(2021) - Pastor John Corell
Marked(Късометражен)(2021) - Alexei
Soul Pursuit(2021) - Dad
Party from Hell(2021) - Peter
Uploaded(2021) - Bobby
Andronicus(Късометражен)(2021) - The Father
Sarogeto(2021) - Doctor Ross Langely
The Rebels of PT-218(2021) - Lieutenant William Snow
The Poltergeist Diaries(2021) - John McBride
616 Wilford Lane(2021) - David
After Masks(2021) - Russell (Quarantales Segment)
Mommy's Deadly Con Artist(2021) - Doctor McCarthy
Unchained(2021/I) - The Father
Peach Cobbler(2021) - Stanley
Grey's Anatomy(Сериал)(2017-2021) - Robert Avery
Ape vs. Monster(2021) - Ethan Marcos
Just What the Doctor Ordered(2021) - Dr. Albert Beck / Laid Back Beck
The Sleepless(Късометражен)(2021) - Dr. Moore
The Circuit 2020-(Сериал)(2021) - Ted Grunion
Alter Ego(2021/II) - Detective DiBiasse
Heavy Duty Lovers(2021) - Mr. Roberts
Killer Advice(2021) - Trevor
Escape to the Cove(2021)
The Wrong Mr. Right(2021) - Hal
6 Rounds of Chloë(2020) - Dr. John Bing
Bleach(2020) - Matthew
Brutality(2020) - Earl
Dark Cupid(2020) - G
Eddie(2020) - Robert Reynolds
Hammer(Късометражен)(2020) - Bill
Juvie(2020) - Jack
Medinah(Сериал)(2016-2020) - Randall
POTUS Dines LA(2020) - Don Giovanni
Six Matches(Късометражен)(2020) - Fischer
Steele Justice(2020) - John Waters
Welcome Home(2020/IV) - Gunnar Hansen
A Soldier's Story 2: Return from the Dead(2020) - Mr. Hammersmith
Free Lunch Express(2020) - Man in Line
Law of Attraction(2020) - Henry Murphy
Mark & Clark World Adventurers(2020) - Dexter Boyd
Hard Luck Love Song(2020) - Skip
Asteroid-a-Geddon(2020) - General Quinn
Greatland(2020) - Alpha Altruist
Heaven(2020/II) - Angus Nunzio Fratelli
It Never Rains in Hollywood - The Side Piece(Късометражен)(2020) - Joe Fortuna
The Estate(2020) - Marcello
People in Landscape(2020) - Veles
Doesn't Fall Far(Късометражен)(2020) - Carson
Out West(Сериал)(2020) - Beau Dutton
Dirty Fears(2020) - Eric
Her Deadly Groom(2020) - George
Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption(2020) - Brooks
The Arrangement(2020/I) - The Pitchman
Gambit: Playing for Keeps(Кратък телевизионен филм)(2020) - Nicky Lonero
Top Gunner(2020) - Colonel Herring
Dust Nuggets(2020) - Harry
Exodus of the Prodigal Son(2020) - Chief Roberts
Pamela & Ivy(Късометражен)(2020) - The Man
Casting The Net(Сериал)(2020) - Eric
Deported(2020/II) - Lancing
Collision Earth(2020) - Colonel Singh
Kidding(Сериал)(2020) - Bernard Paley
Date of Honor(Сериал)(2020) - Felix
Interrogation(Сериал)(2020) - Bernard Poulos
Angels Fallen(2020) - Werrick
Conrad(Сериал)(2018-2020) - Michael Conrad / Chief Michael Conrad
Sangre Negra(Сериал)(2016-2020) - Lee Mondrian / Lee Mondrianston
Palomino & Swissy(Сериал)(2019) - Macky
The Fusion(Късометражен)(2019) - Kai
The Villains(Късометражен)(2019) - The Don
Girl Games(2019) - Gareth
Scrutiny(Сериал)(2019) - Frank 'The Don' Rossini
A.I. Tales(2019) - Tailored Man
Cross: Rise of the Villains(2019) - Mack
Die for a Dollar(2019) - Mr.G
Boggy Creek - The Bigfoot Series(Сериал)(2019) - Narrator
Jessie: The Golden Heart(2019) - Master Alfred Sinclair
Inside the Rain(2019) - Montgomery (Monty) Pennington
7 Deadly Sins(2019) - Judge
Suits(Сериал)(2014-2019) - Charles Forstman
The Girl In The Cellar(Късометражен)(2019) - Frank
Surge of Dawn(2019) - Augur / Flashback
The Reliant(2019) - Mr. Jones
La Reina del Sur(Сериал)(2019) - Erick Sheldon
The Wrong Mommy(2019) - Roger
Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare(2019) - Dr. Albert Beck / Laid Back Beck
90 Feet from Home(2019) - William Rota
The Wind Walker(2019) - Mr. Jacobsen
The Turnaround 2(Късометражен)(2019) - Carter Boston
Monster Island(2019) - General Horne
The Evil Inside Her(2019) - Clayton
A Karate Christmas Miracle(2019) - James Whitmore
79 Parts: Director's Cut(2019) - Jack's Dad
The Savant(2019) - Lonnie
Class Act(Мини Сериал)(2019) - William Linder
Blackbear(2019/I) - Coach Bronx
Young & Naive(Късометражен)(2019) - Professor Rothstein
Hollywould(2019) - Leon Davenport / Edward Travis
Prescience(2019) - Mathew Smith
Night Walk(2019/I) - Judge Wilson
It Wants Blood!(2019) - Senator Du Sang
Billboard(2019) - Rick
Induced Effect(2019) - Boss
Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie(2019) - Mob Boss
IRL(2019/II) - Jonathan
The Unlikely Good Samaritan(2019) - Jimmy
The Immortal Wars: Resurgence(2019) - Dominion Harvey
The Peter Austin Noto Show(Сериал)(2019) - Animal Activist
Those Who Can't(Сериал)(2019) - Dealin' Dave
Lone Star Deception(2019) - Bill Sagle
King of Newark 2(2018) - Senator Wells
MMA(2018) - Dr. Roberts
Mom(2018/I) - Doctor
Our Next Caller(Късометражен)(2018) - Ben
Q-4: Dream Corporation(2018) - Systems Analyst Farraday
Shootouts(2018) - Officer Charlie
The Debt(Късометражен)(2018/I) - Lenny
The Wrong Teacher(2018) - Vice Principal Clark
New Dogs
Old Tricks(Сериал)(2018) - Alexander Fortnoy / Fortnoy
The Perception(2018) - Nick Shaw
Head Full of Honey(2018) - Dr. Holst
Rusty Tulloch(2018) - Mr. G
Anatomy of An Antihero 4 redemption(Сериал)(2018) - Brooke
Frank and Ava(2018) - Harry Cohn
Blackbird(2018/II) - Blake
Beautifully Broken(2018) - Larry Hartley
Black Wake(2018) - Dr. Frank
22 Willowbrook(Късометражен)(2018) - Roman
Day of the Gun: The Series(Сериал)(2018) - Abraham Tanner
Never Saw It Coming(2018) - Wendell Garfield
Papa(2018/I) - Dr. Eric Owens
Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge(2018) - Dr. Albert Beck
Taco Shop(2018) - Gringo Cabron
B-Team(Видео Игра)(2018) - General Roberts
Beverly Hills Bandits(2018) - Detective Jack Boudin
Hide in the Light(2018) - Father Wes
Something(2018) - Coroner
@asst(Късометражен)(2018) - Peter Henderson
Amores De Peso(2017) - Mr. Peters
Bottom Creek(2017) - Store Patron
Fatties: Take Down the House(2017) - Morgan O'Shea
Get Naked!(2017) - The Governor
Intent(2017) - Detective Gordon
The Beautiful Ones(2017) - Carl
Maximum Impact(2017) - Robert Jacobs
Dark Image(2017/I) - Captian Fanning
Fake News(2017/I) - Maxwell Stern
The Demonic Dead(2017) - Devil
Spreading Darkness(2017) - Stu Undercoffler
Texas(Мини Сериал)(2017) - Coach Walker
Henri(2017) - Jenkins Chesney
Osprey(2017) - Apollos
The Fix(2017/VI) - Fabrizio De La Rocha
Jake's Road(2017) - Keith
Ayla: The Daughter of War(2017) - Major General Coulter
C.E.O.(Сериал)(2017) - Frankie
The Terror of Hallow's Eve(2017) - Ed
Beyond Brotherhood(2017) - Buelo Chino
Executor(2017) - Richard
Lux in Tenebris(2017) - Pokerboss Dean Deus
Unbridled(2017) - Roger Donigal
Empire of the Heart(2017) - Walter Monroe
Lore(2017) - Sheriff
The Immortal Wars(2017) - Dominion Harvey
You're Gonna Miss Me(2017) - Lawrence Graves
Devil Dogs(Късометражен)(2017) - Col. Armstrong
But Deliver Us from Evil(2017) - Leigh Warring
Actors Anonymous(2017) - Sonny
The Institute(2017) - Dr. Torrington
Almost Amazing(2017) - Zane
Deadly Sanctuary(2017) - Tugg
Days of Power(2017) - Nick
Victory by Submission(2017) - Leon 'The Neon' Harris
American Sharia(2017) - Officer Richardson
Changelings(Сериал)(2017) - Father Martin Mordicai
30 Days to Say Goodbye(Късометражен)(2017) - Alex's Dad / Jim Walsh
Eyes of the Roshi(2017) - Booker
The Summoning(2017/I) - Chief Lubbock
The Matadors(2017) - CIA Director
3 Bullets(2016) - Michael Lawson a.k.a. Starmaker
Bluebird(Късометражен)(2016) - Man
EuroClub(2016) - Uncle Nicky
Euro Kings(2016) - Uncle Nicky
JOB's Daughter(2016) - Detective McQueen
Paradise Club(2016) - Earl Wild
Star Trek: Captain Pike(2016) - Doctor Lee Parsons
The Last Wizard(Късометражен)(2016) - Andy Warhol
Through a Class Darkly(2016) - Professor Turner
A Husband for Christmas(2016) - Mr. Rawlings
A Trip to Jamaica(2016) - Sonnie
Santa's Boot Camp(2016) - Mall Santa
Best Thanksgiving Ever(2016) - Rod
Code Black(Сериал)(2016) - Vincent Savetti / Vince Savetti
Sorority Slaughterhouse(2016) - Dean Whitman
Swedish Dicks(Сериал)(2016) - Chip
Brooklyn Nine-Nine(Сериал)(2016) - Jimmy 'The Butcher' Figgis
Gender Bender(2016) - Kent Skillman
Enemy Within(2016/II) - Jack #2
Moments of Clarity(2016) - Hal Spreadum
Snare(2016/II) - Vito
The Red Maple Leaf(2016) - Governor's Secret Service Agent
Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel(2016) - Augur
Oiled Up(Късометражен)(2016) - Loan Shark
Stalked by My Doctor: The Return(2016) - Dr. Beck
Leaves of the Tree(2016) - Patrick
Boomer Hogs(Късометражен)(2016) - Ed Borats
Six Gun Savior(2016) - The Devil
The Sector(2016) - Senator Allen
Joker's Wild(2016) - James Jenning
Hunting Season(2016/II) - William
1959(2016) - Jim Blackwell
Evil Exhumed(2016) - The Shaman (voice)
A Remarkable Life(2016) - Jack
Neron(2016) - Priest
Non è stato mio figlio(Сериал)(2016) - Giovanni Geraldi
The Rally-LA(2016) - Santiago
Mann and Wife(Сериал)(2016) - Officer Wilson
Beyond the Game(2016/II) - Max Barry
Compadres(2016) - Dalton
Scorpion(Сериал)(2016) - Mick
Prayer Never Fails(2016) - Judge Bolden
Five Grand(2016) - Marshal Denton J Cartwright
Than All Else Ever(Късометражен)(2016) - Captain George Sigler
Project 12: The Bunker(2016) - Henderson
The Wrong Roommate(2016) - Floyd
The Code of Cain(2016) - Dave Parker
Chris Cornell: Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart(Музикален видеоклип)(2015) - Prisoner
Lazarus Rising(2015) - James Connelly
Redux(Късометражен)(2015) - Tailored Man
There Is Many Like Us(Документален)(2015) - LT. Rauder
Stalked by My Doctor(2015) - Dr. Beck
Relentless Justice(2015) - Lanzetta
The Condemned 2(2015) - Frank Tanner
The Wicked Within(2015) - Dr. Woods
Lost Girl(Сериал)(2015) - Hades / Jack
Love Me True(2015) - Father Anthony
The Player(Сериал)(2015) - Pauly Agostino
Skin Traffik(2015) - The Executive
Golden Shoes(2015) - Frank
Maul Dogs(2015) - Jack
Sicilian Vampire(2015) - Detective Louis Marshall
L'onore e il rispetto(Мини Сериал)(2012-2015) - Tom Di Maggio
Dead Saturday(Късометражен)(2015) - Pastor Malcolm
L.A. Slasher(2015) - The Mayor
Rock Story(2015/I) - Andy Granite
Hungry(Късометражен)(2015/I) - Congressman Dennis Thicke
Trevor and a Girl Savannah(2015) - Dr. Mc Millan
The Way It Melts(Късометражен)(2015) - Dr. Thornwood
The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)(2015) - Governor Hughes
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs(2015) - Trent Walker
The Epic of Hershey(Късометражен)(2015) - Ted
Silver Case: Director's Cut(2015) - Senator
No Deposit(2015) - Gerry Gaci
Fractured(2015/II) - Dr. Jason Ballard
No Solicitors(2015) - Lewis Cutterman
Dark Moon Rising(2015) - Henrick
Ktown Cowboys(2015) - Al
A Fatal Obsession(2015) - Michael Ryan
Dead Ringer(2015) - Peter Bengtson
Las Vegas Story(2015) - Walter
Amityville Death House(2015) - The Warlock
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(Сериал)(2013-2015) - Daniel Larson / Brother Daniel Larson
Real Blood: The True Beginning(2015)
The Wrath(2015/I) - The Mayor
Story of Eva(2015) - Detective Wood
Hawaii Five-0(Сериал)(2015) - Richard Sheridan
Before It's Too Late(Късометражен)(2014) - Jack
Family on Board(Късометражен)(2014) - Prosecutor
Halloween Hell(2014) - Dracula
Lose-Lose(Късометражен)(2014) - Charles
Rogue Strike(2014) - Captain Novakov
Revelations(2014/I) - Doctor Greene
My Name Is Nobody(2014) - Ryan Zaratini
Mile Marker Seven(2014) - Rick Lincoln
The Opposite Sex(2014) - Mr. Campbell
Janie Charismanic(2014) - Max
Inherent Vice(2014) - Michael Z. Wolfmann
Starcrossed(2014) - Rommel Lazarus
Pen of Mirrors(Късометражен)(2014) - Old Man
Let the Lion Roar(Документален)(2014) - Augustine of Hippo
2 Bedroom 1 Bath(2014) - Dr. Philip Tenenbaum
It's Not a Date(2014) - Dad
Powdered Donuts(Късометражен)(2014) - Steve
Scenes from Powned(Късометражен)(2014) - Gary Weist
Sector 4: Extraction(2014) - Black Knight CEO
Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper(2014) - Older Bernie (voice)
Scavenger Killers(2014) - Agent Guthro
Trust Me(Късометражен)(2014/II) - Jeff
Doc Holliday's Revenge(2014/II) - William
Zombie Dream(2014) - Eric
Rumors of Wars(2014) - Zurn
Glee(Сериал)(2014) - Fundraiser Coordinator
Camp Dread(2014) - Julian
A Cry from Within(2014) - Jonathan
Road to the Open(2014) - Tim Gollant
Mission: The Prophet(2014) - John
Justified(Сериал)(2014) - Agent Miller
Eternity: The Movie(2014) - Gene Weiner
SEAL Patrol(2014) - Mr. Cromwell
Headshots & Handcuffs(Сериал)(2014)
Chicks Dig Gay Guys(2014) - Karen's Husband
Good Mourning
Lucille(2014) - Ristori
The Accidental President(Сериал)(2014) - Vice President Barker
Dante's Hell Animated(Късометражен)(2013) - Dante (English version
Jet Set(2013) - Dr. Brix
Spanners(2013) - Jonathan
Day of the Gun(2013) - Abraham Tanner
Deadtime Stories(Мини Сериал)(2013) - Crazy Merlin
All American Christmas Carol(2013) - Constantine / Ghost of Christmas Present
Bonnie & Clyde: Justified(2013) - Frank Hamer
In the Name of God(2013/I) - Wallace
Before I Sleep(2013) - David
Assumed Killer(2013) - Taxi Driver
So This Is Christmas(2013) - Bill
Self Storage(2013/I) - Walter
Abstraction(2013) - Angelo Moretti
Run(2013/I) - Jeremiah
Assault on Wall Street(2013) - Lawyer Patterson
West End(2013) - Victor Trevi
A New York Heartbeat(2013) - Casket Mike
The Perfect Summer(2013) - Lou
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire(2013) - Sheriff Jensen
The Cloth(2013) - Father Tollman
Tainted Love(Сериал)(2013) - Fred Lucas
White T(2013) - Ricardo
Potter's Field(Късометражен)(2013) - Peter
The Hot Flashes(2013) - Laurence Humphrey
Pop Star(2013) - Mr. Esposito
The House Across the Street(2013) - Officer Peterson
Paranormal Movie(2013) - Dr. Lipschitz
Sink Hole(2013) - Cutter
This Is Our Time(2013) - Bob
The Mark: Redemption(2013) - Cooper
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End(2013) - Sheriff Jensen
High Heels
Low Standards(Сериал)(2013) - Senator Starling
Betrayal(2013/II) - Tony
A Talking Cat!?!(2013) - Duffy (voice)
The Devil's Dozen(2013) - Martin Sosa
Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft(2013) - Mr. Sebastian
Lovelace(2013) - Nat Laurendi
Wrong Cops(2013) - Bob
23 Minutes to Sunrise(2012) - Daniel
iVOTE(Късометражен)(2012) - Mcallum
This Shining Night(2012) - Marc
Mary(Късометражен)(2012/I) - Doctor Marley
The Killers: Miss Atomic Bomb - Animated Version(Музикален видеоклип)(2012) - Dance Partner
Christmas in Compton(2012) - Tommy Maxell
Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James(2012) - Hickey
The Child(2012) - Robert Stern
The Mark(2012/I) - Cooper
The Great Halloween Puppy Adventure(2012) - Ted
Beyond the Trophy(2012) - Sgt. Bachman
Stealing Las Vegas(2012) - Alex Stratholme
Bullet in the Face(Мини Сериал)(2012) - Racken
The Night Never Sleeps(2012) - Hector
Femme Fatales(Сериал)(2012) - David Bannion
The Whipping Club(Късометражен)(2012) - Brother Ryder
The Finder(Сериал)(2012) - Uncle Shadrack
Bloodwork(2012) - Man in Suit
The Dead Want Women(2012) - Sonny Barnes
Snow White: A Deadly Summer(2012) - Grant
Heal Thyself(Късометражен)(2012) - Dr. Cash
Deadline(2012/I) - Ronnie Bullock
Silver Case(2012) - Senator
obSETHed(Сериал)(2012) - Eric
Grace(2011) - Michael Grace
Jesse(2011/I) - Chris
Vegan 101(Сериал)(2011) - Dr. Eaton Wright
Burn Notice(Сериал)(2011) - Reed Perkins
Burned(2011) - Captain Holloway
Chillerama(2011) - General Bukakke (segment "Wadzilla")
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior(Сериал)(2011) - Andy Armus
The Young and the Restless(Сериал)(2010-2011) - Vance Abrams
The Wayshower(2011) - Parley Hinkins
Kingshighway(2010) - Frank Monviano
Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident(2010) - Mr. Hopewell
Drugs and Dirty Money(2010) - Michael Steele
First Dog(2010) - President of the United States
Chuck(Сериал)(2010) - Packard
Hunt to Kill(2010) - Lee Davis
Sharktopus(2010) - Nathan Sands
Reality Star(2010) - Frank
Class(2010) - Benjamin Sheffield
The Expendables(2010) - James Munroe
Groupie(2010) - Angus Wiles
Enemies Among Us(2010) - Cobbs
Westbrick Murders(2010) - John Barrow
Heroes(Сериал)(2007-2010) - Thompson
In the Blink of an Eye(2009) - Captain Jones
Pinkville(2009) - Johnny Pies
Crash(Сериал)(2009) - Seth Blanchard
The Tomb(2009) - Vaslov
Project Solitude(2009) - John Sola
The Butcher(2009) - Merle 'The Butcher' Hench
Crimes of the Past(2009) - Robert Byrne
The Whole Truth(2009) - Yaro Maroslav
Shannon's Rainbow(2009) - Mitchell Prescott
Royal Kill(2009) - Dad
Rock Slyde(2009) - Jake the Delivery Man
The Steam Experiment(2009) - Grant
Gotham Tonight(Мини Сериал)(2008) - Sal Maroni
Light Years Away(2008) - Dr. Howard Melvin
Cyclops(2008) - Emperor Tiberius Caesar
Entourage(Сериал)(2008) - Eric Roberts
The Cleaner(Сериал)(2008) - Ray Crin
Depth Charge(2008) - Cdr. William Krieg
Dark Honeymoon(2008) - L.A. Guy
The Dark Knight(2008) - Maroni
Law & Order: Criminal Intent(Сериал)(2008) - Roy Hubert
Fear Itself(Сериал)(2008) - Harry Siegel
Contamination(2008) - Dimitry
The Cookie Thief(Късометражен)(2008) - Cookie Thief
Witless Protection(2008) - Wilford Duvall
Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter(2007) - Ivan
Sister's Keeper(2007/II) - Malikai
The L Word(Сериал)(2006-2007) - Gabriel McCutcheon
Killer Weekend(2007) - Mason
Pandemic(Мини Сериал)(2007) - Mayor Richard Dellasandro
Southern Comfort(2006) - Ray
Rusty Dogs(Късометражен)(2006) - Rusty
Avrora(2006) - Mr. Brown
One Way(2006/II) - Nick Swell
Comedy Hell(2006) - The Sheriff
DOA: Dead or Alive(2006) - Donovan
Hollywood Dreams(2006) - Thomas Kurt
Phat Girlz(2006) - Robert Myer
Fatal Desire(2006) - Joe
8 of Diamonds(2006) - Charlie Klamanski
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints(2006) - Antonio
Geppetto's Secret(2005) - Jack Hammer (voice)
Chains(2005/I) - Jack
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy(Видео Игра)(2005) - Dark Danny (voice)
The Double(Късометражен)(2005) - Steven Edwards
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright(2005) - Arlis
CSI: Miami(Сериал)(2005) - Ken Kramer
Danny Phantom(Сериал)(2005) - Dark Danny
Graves End(2005) - Tarkington Alexander Graves / Tag
Spit(Късометражен)(2005) - Jack
Less Than Perfect(Сериал)(2002-2005) - Will Butler
Break a Leg(2005) - Michael Richard Lange
Final Approach(2005) - Coach Davis
Border Blues(2004) - Coyote Larry
Justice League Unlimited(Сериал)(2004) - Mongul
Six: The Mark Unleashed(2004) - Dallas
Miss Castaway and the Island Girls(2004) - Maximus Powers
Killer Weekend(2004) - Jack Talbot
L.A. Confidential(2003) - Pierce Patchett
The Long Ride Home(2003) - Sheriff Hank Bowman
National Security(2003) - Nash
Intoxicating(2003) - Teddy
Russkie v Gorode Angelov(Сериал)(2003) - Larry 'Coyote' Maklovski
Wolves of Wall Street(2002) - Dyson Keller
Christmas Rush(2002) - Jimmy Scalzetti
Endangered Species(2002) - Sully
Witchblade(Сериал)(2002) - Lupo
Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti
Vita & Charli Baltimore: Down 4 U(2002) - Eric Roberts
Spun(2002) - The Man
Ja Rule Feat. Charli Baltimore: Down Ass Chick(Музикален видеоклип)(2002) - FBI Agent
Roughing It(2002) - The Foreman
Justice League(Сериал)(2002) - Mongul
Fool Proof(2002) - Boris
Con Games(2001) - Officer Hopkins
Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534(2001) - First Officer Mike Hogan
Raptor(2001) - Sheriff Jim Tanner
Strange Frequency(Сериал)(2001) - Bob Henry
Walking Shadow(2001) - Police Chief DeSpain
The Andy Dick Show(Сериал)(2001) - Prisoner
The Beatnicks(2001) - Mack Drake
Fast Sofa(2001) - Robinson
Stiletto Dance(2001) - Detective Kit Adrian
Wrong Number(2001) - Josh Grey
Mindstorm(2001/I) - David Mendez
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(Сериал)(2001) - Sam Winfield
The King of Queens(Сериал)(2001) - Strohmeyer
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The Flying Dutchman(2001) - Sean
Dirk and Betty(2000) - Customer
Mercy Streets(2000) - Rome
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Cecil B. Demented(2000) - Honey's Ex
Falcone(Сериал)(2000) - Raymond 'The Madman' Ricci
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Luck of the Draw(2000) - Carlo
No Alibi(2000) - Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner
Tripfall(2000) - Mr. Eddie
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Hitman's Run(1999) - Tony Lazorka / John Dugan
Heaven's Fire(1999) - Dean McConnell
Facade(1999) - Colin Wentworth
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Restraining Order(1999) - Robert Woodfield
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Purgatory(1999) - Blackjack Britton
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Most Wanted(1997) - Spencer
The Shadow Men(1997) - Bob Wilson
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In Cold Blood(Мини Сериал)(1996) - Perry Smith
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End of the Icon(Късометражен)(1995) - Jack Spain
Saved by the Light(1995) - Dannion Brinkley
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Best of the Best II(1993) - Alex Grady
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Fugitive Among Us(1992) - Cal Harper
By the Sword(1991) - Villard
Lonely Hearts(1991) - Frank
Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride(Мини Сериал)(1990) - Sean McLeary
Descending Angel(1990) - Michael Rossi
The Lost Capone(1990) - Al Capone
The Ambulance(1990) - Josh Baker
Best of the Best(1989) - Alex Grady
Blood Red(1989) - Marco Collogero
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Options(1989) - Donald Anderson (in telefilm epilogue)
To Heal a Nation(1988) - Jan Scruggs
Nobody's Fool(1986) - Riley
Slow Burn(1986) - Jacob Asch
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The Coca-Cola Kid(1985) - Becker
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Raggedy Man(1981) - Teddy
Paul's Case(1980) - Paul
King of the Gypsies(1978) - Dave
How to Survive a Marriage(Сериал)(1974)
Another World(Сериал)(1964) - Ted Bancroft #1 (1977)

Мини Биография

Робъртс е номиниран за "Оскар" за ролята си във филма "Влакът беглец" и три пъти за "Златен глобус" за филмите "Влакът беглец", "Звезда 80" и "Циганският крал".

Освен това Робъртс получава признание на филмовия фестивал "Сънданс" за ролята си в "Ръководство за разпознаване на вашите светци" и "Това е моето парти". Участва и във филма La Cucaracha, който печели награда за най-добър филм на филмовия фестивал в Остин и за който Робъртс получава награда за най-добър актьор на фестивала на независимото кино в Ню Йорк през същата година. Други забележителни изпълнения включват ролите му в The Dark Knight, Final Analysis и Inherent Vice на Пол Томан Андерсън за Warner Bros, Lovelace на Millennium Films и The Expendables за Lionsgate.

В телевизията запомнящите се роли на Робъртс включват сериалите "Костюмари" на USA, CSI и "Код черно" за CBS, "Герои" на NBC и "Краш" за Starz. Той се появява в гост-звездни роли в сериалите Greys Anatomy на ABC, Will & Grace на NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine на Fox, Hawaii Five-O на CBS, Entourage на HBO и много други.

Предстои Робъртс да изиграе лекаря на Мат Дилън в Head Full of Honey, продукция на Warner Bros. Германия, режисирана от Тил Швайгер. Емили Мортимър и Ник Нолте също изпълняват главните роли. Има и поддържаща роля в независимия Hard Luck Love Song на режисьора Джъстин Корсби. Робъртс ще играе "Скип", закърнял портиер, който дава съвети на героите, изиграни от Майкъл Дорман и София Буш. Във филма участват още Дермот Мълрони и американският рапър RZA. И накрая, Робъртс ще се завърне в ролята на шефа на DEA "Ерик Шелдън" в La Reina del Sur за Telemundo Global Studio и Netflix.

Робъртс е роден в Билокси, Мисисипи, и е израснал в района на Атланта. Започва кариерата си в театъра в Ню Йорк, където печели наградата Theatre World Award за ролята си на Бродуей в Burn This.

Живее в Лос Анджелис със съпругата си, с която живее 26 години, и със семейство котки.

Робъртс е представляван от Sovereign Talent Group, Cultivate Entertainment и Miles Anthony Associates във Великобритания. - И.И. превод


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