Били Грей (Billy Gray)

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1938-1-13 - Los Angeles, California, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Били Грей (Billy Gray)

Всички филми и роли на Били Грей (Billy Gray)

Актьор - Porklips Now(Късометражен)(1980) - Dullard (as William Gray)
Love and Bullets(1979) - Officer Durant (as William Gray)
Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas(1977) - Bud Anderson (as Bill Grey)
The Father Knows Best Reunion(1977) - James Anderson Jr.
Werewolves on Wheels(1971) - Pill (as William Gray)
Dusty and Sweets McGee(1971) - City Life
The Bold Ones: The Protectors(Сериал)(1970) - Morgan Vontz
Medical Center(Сериал)(1969) - Student at Party
The Ping-Pong Match(Късометражен)(1968) - Ping Pong Player
Custer(Сериал)(1967) - Billy Nixon
I Spy(Сериал)(1966) - Gerson Stutman
Combat!(Сериал)(1966) - Candell
The Navy vs. the Night Monsters(1966) - CPO Fred Twining (as Bill Gray)
Rawhide(Сериал)(1965) - Lindsay McCuller
Arrest and Trial(Сериал)(1964) - Colin Martin
The Greatest Show on Earth(Сериал)(1964) - Nick
The Red Skelton Hour(Сериал)(1962) - Mr. Carmichael
The Explosive Generation(1961) - Bobby Herman Jr.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents(Сериал)(1961) - Perry Hatch
General Electric Theater(Сериал)(1961) - Buzz Marlowe / Jerry Alquist
The Deputy(Сериал)(1961) - Johnny Blatner
Bachelor Father(Сериал)(1960) - David Ross
Stagecoach West(Сериал)(1960) - 'Frankie Niles'
Peter Gunn(Сериал)(1960) - Eric Thorwald
Father Knows Best(Сериал)(1954-1960) - Bud Anderson / Hans
The Scarlet Hour(1956) - Tom Rycker
TV Reader's Digest(Сериал)(1956)
The Seven Little Foys(1955) - Bryan Lincoln Foy
as a Teen
The Outlaw Stallion(1954) - Danny Saunders
Annie Oakley(Сериал)(1954) - Tagg Oakley
The Loretta Young Show(Сериал)(1954) - Nick Monti
Cavalcade of America(Сериал)(1954) - Andy Jackson
Fireside Theatre(Сериал)(1954) - Barry
Doggie in the Bedroom(Късометражен)(1954)
Adventures of Superman(Сериал)(1953) - Alan Harper
All I Desire(1953) - Ted Murdoch
The Girl Next Door(1953) - Joe Carter
By the Light of the Silvery Moon(1953) - Wesley Winfield
The Schaefer Century Theatre(Сериал)(1952)
Racket Squad(Сериал)(1952) - Danny Jenkins
Chevron Theatre(Сериал)(1952)
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair(1952) - Kettle Boy (uncredited)
Celanese Theatre(Сериал)(1952)
The Return of Gilbert & Sullivan(Късометражен)(1952)
Gruen Guild Theater(Сериал)(1952)
Talk About a Stranger(1952) - Robert Fontaine Jr.
The Day the Earth Stood Still(1951) - Bobby Benson
Jim Thorpe -- All-American(1951) - Jim Thorpe - as a Boy (uncredited)
The Guy Who Came Back(1951) - Willy Joplin
On Moonlight Bay(1951) - Wesley Winfield
Her First Romance(1951) - Boy at Camp Barracks (uncredited)
So You Want to Be a Cowboy(Късометражен)(1951) - Little Boy Movie Patron with Lollipop (uncredited)
Gene Autry and the Mounties(1951) - Ned (uncredited)
Sierra Passage(1950) - Young Johnny Yorke
The Magnavox Theater(Сериал)(1950) - Johnny / Big Mouth's Grandson
The Gene Autry Show(Сериал)(1950) - Eddie Baker / Jimmy Foster
The Killer That Stalked New York(1950) - Pinkie (uncredited)
Between Midnight and Dawn(1950) - Peter J. 'Petey' Conklin (uncredited)
Mister 880(1950) - Mickey (uncredited)
Three Little Words(1950) - Boy (uncredited)
In a Lonely Place(1950) - Young Boy Seeking Autograph (uncredited)
Kill the Umpire(1950) - The Boy Catcher (uncredited)
The Good Humor Man(1950) - Junior (uncredited)
Singing Guns(1950) - Albert
Father Is a Bachelor(1950) - Feb Chalotte
Puddle Patch Klub(Сериал)(1949) - Pinky
Abandoned(1949) - Tough Kid in Park (uncredited)
The House Across the Street(1949) - Boy (uncredited)
The Talented Tramps(Късометражен)(1949)
So You're Having in-Law Trouble(Късометражен)(1949) - Little Willie (uncredited)
Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff(1949) - Boy With Bow and Arrow (uncredited)
Lust for Gold(1949) - Boy (uncredited)
Badmen of Tombstone(1949) - Willie Stover
So You Want to Be a Baby Sitter(Късометражен)(1949) - Junior - Homer's Boy (uncredited)
Bedroom and Wrath(Късометражен)(1948)
Fighting Father Dunne(1948) - Chip
The Bride Goes Wild(1948) - Boy (uncredited)
The Judge Steps Out(1948) - Boy at Birthday Party (uncredited)
The Gangster(1947) - Little Boy (uncredited)
The Fabulous Texan(1947) - Boy (uncredited)
Driftwood(1947) - Boy (uncredited)
Curley(1947) - Sandy (uncredited)
Backlash(1947) - Denny (uncredited)
The Strange Woman(1946) - Boy on Bridge (uncredited)
Rendezvous with Annie(1946) - Little Boy (uncredited)
Suspense(1946) - Small Boy at Zoo (uncredited)
Our Old Car(Късометражен)(1946) - Boy (uncredited)
Little Mister Jim(1946) - Neighbor Boy (uncredited)
One Exciting Week(1946) - Small Boy (uncredited)
Cluny Brown(1946) - Richard Watkins (uncredited)
Throw a Saddle on a Star(1946) - Tough Boy (uncredited)
To Each His Own(1946) - Billy Ingham (uncredited)
An Angel Comes to Brooklyn(1945) - Boy (uncredited)
Adventures of Rusty(1945) - Harry (uncredited)
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry(1945) - Child (uncredited)
Man of Courage(1943) - Mike Wilson


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