Уейн Брейди (Wayne Brady)

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1972-6-2 - Columbus, Georgia, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Уейн Брейди (Wayne Brady)

Всички филми и роли на Уейн Брейди (Wayne Brady)

Актьор - Blank - Henry
American Gigolo(Сериал)(2022) - Lorenzo
That Damn Michael Che(Сериал)(2022) - Dad
A Black Lady Sketch Show(Сериал)(2022) - Reggie
The Loud House(Сериал)(2016-2022) - Harold / Harold McBride
The Cuphead Show!(Сериал)(2022) - King Dice
The Good Fight(Сериал)(2021) - Del Cooper
Game of Talents(Сериал)(2021)
Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical(2021) - Django
The Neighborhood(Сериал)(2020) - Isaiah Evans
WRZ: White Racist Zombies(2020) - Dr. Knowles
Blindfire(2020) - Davon
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe(2020) - Stapler-Fist / Additional Voices (voice)
Mixed-ish(Сериал)(2020) - Geoffrey
Black Lightning(Сериал)(2020) - Gravedigger / Tyson Sykes
Brainwashed by Toons(Сериал)(2019) - Lead Vocals
The Bold and the Beautiful(Сериал)(2018-2019) - Dr. Reese Buckingham
American Soul(Сериал)(2019) - Little Richard
Sofia the First(Сериал)(2012-2018) - Clover
Colony(Сериал)(2018) - Everett Kynes
Robert Glasper Experiment: Live(2018) - Guest Artist
Khalid: Young Dumb & Broke(2017) - Janitor
Straight Outta Oz(2016) - Todrick's Father
Aftermath(Сериал)(2016) - Lamar 'Booner' Boone
Real Husbands of Hollywood(Сериал)(2013-2016) - Wayne Brady
Milo Murphy's Law(Сериал)(2016) - Eugene
Open Carrie(Сериал)(2015) - Stokley
VeggieTales: Noah's Ark(2015) - Shem (voice)
The Hero of Color City(2014) - Blue (voice)
Phineas and Ferb(Сериал)(2013-2014) - Additional Voices / Guide
TripTank(Сериал)(2014) - Narrator / Dicky / Dad
How I Met Your Mother(Сериал)(2006-2014) - James
Being Mary Jane(Сериал)(2014) - Sean
1982(2013/I) - Alonzo
Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright(2013) - Brick Pimiento (voice)
Whistle While I Work It(2013) - Wayne Brady
Baby Daddy(Сериал)(2013) - Chase Baxter
American Dad!(Сериал)(2012-2013) - Astronaut / Cuba Gooding Jr. / Tungee
The Problem Solverz(Сериал)(2013) - Uncle Chocofuss
Drew Seeley: Into the Fire(2013)
Freestyle Love Supreme(2012) - Wayne Brady
Key and Peele(Сериал)(2012) - Centipede Buddy
Foodfight!(2012) - Daredevil Dan (voice)
Psych(Сериал)(2012) - Hilton Fox
Crispus Attucks: Today Was a Good Day(2012) - Wayne Brady (uncredited)
The Fresh Beat Band(Сериал)(2011) - Mr. Fondu
Hot Rod: Hot Girl(2011)
You Are What You Eat(2011)
Cubed(Сериал)(2011) - Wayne Brady
Are We There Yet?(Сериал)(2011) - Devin
RENT at the Hollywood Bowl(2010) - Tom Collins
For (Stuffed) Colored Girls(Късометражен)(2010)
Every Little Step(2010)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends(Сериал)(2007-2009) - Doctor Friend
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon(Видео Игра)(2008) - Sparx (voice)
Everybody Hates Chris(Сериал)(2006-2008) - Louis
The List(2007/II) - Lewis
30 Rock(Сериал)(2007) - Steven
Dirt(Сериал)(2007) - Tweety's Henchman
Flirt(2006) - Locklear Jacobson
Shorty McShorts' Shorts(Сериал)(2006) - Cameron
Robot Chicken(Сериал)(2006) - Pegasus 'Sunny Muffin' / Salam Fayyad
Crossover(2006) - Vaughn
Girlfriends(Сериал)(2006) - Derek Tyler
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit(2006) - Brer Wolf (voice)
Higglytown Heroes(Сериал)(2006) - Doctor
Getting Along Famously(Сериал)(2006) - Jackie Kinghorn
Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild(2005) - Reeko (voice)
Roll Bounce(2005) - D.J. Johnny Feelgood
Kevin Hill(Сериал)(2005) - Pastor Jerry Carver
I Do
They Don't(2005)
Stargate SG-1(Сериал)(2005) - Trelak
Reno 911!(Сериал)(2004) - New Jones - Deputy Culufu Garwood
Going to the Mat(2004) - Mason Wyatt
Clifford's Really Big Movie(2004) - Shackelford (voice)
Luther Vandross: Dance with My Father(2003) - Wayne Brady
American Dreams(Сериал)(2003) - Jackie Wilson
The Electric Piper(2003) - Sly
The Electric Piper (voice)
Batman Beyond(Сериал)(2000) - Micron
The Drew Carey Show(Сериал)(1999-2000) - Wayne Brady
The Wonderful World of Disney(Сериал)(2000) - The Magician
Vinyl Justice(Сериал)(1998) - Officer Brady
Oh Yeah! Cartoons(Сериал)(1998) - Blotto (segment "Blotto")
Safety Smart(1997) - Bill
Nickelodeon GUTS(Видео Игра)(1994)
On Promised Land(1994) - Eli James
Clarissa Explains It All(Сериал)(1993) - Pepe's Pizza Delivery Man
In the Heat of the Night(Сериал)(1993) - Henry Ulmer
I'll Fly Away(Сериал)(1993) - Damon
Superboy(Сериал)(1990) - John
Earth Girls Are Easy(1988) - Extra (uncredited)


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