Джон Пъч (John Putch)

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1961-7-27 - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Всички филми на Джон Пъч (John Putch)

Всички филми и роли на Джон Пъч (John Putch)

Актьор - Trek Untold(2021)
The Confidence Man(2001) - Strip Club MC
Crash Point Zero(2001) - George
Mach 2(2000) - Tim Mandell
Stark Raving Mad(Сериал)(2000) - Husband
Chain of Command(2000) - Agent Joe Lambert
Home Improvement(Сериал)(1999) - Dan
L.A. Heat(Сериал)(1999) - Birdie
Fugitive Mind(1999) - Dave Bayne
Tycus(1999) - Amtorg Driver
Valerie Flake(1999) - William Flake
The Souler Opposite(1998) - Lester
City of Angels(1998) - Man in Car
Freedom Strike(1998) - Stanley Shaw
The Patron Saint of Liars(1998) - Thomas Cleardon
Spoiler(1998) - Doctor
My Ghost Dog(1997) - 'Pasta Talk' Host (as Putch)
Grace Under Fire(Сериал)(1997) - Jake
Same River Twice(1996) - Skinner
Murder One(Сериал)(1996) - Mort Kriendler
Touched by an Angel(Сериал)(1995) - Todd Barber
The Crew(Сериал)(1995) - James
Star Trek: Generations(1994) - Journalist
Camp Nowhere(1994) - Neil Garbus
Clear and Present Danger(1994) - Blackhawk Co-Pilot
Wings(Сериал)(1994) - Jeff
Beyond Suspicion(1993) - Lipsky
Skeeter(1993) - Hamilton
Fallen Angels(Сериал)(1993) - Officer Barnes
Room for Two(Сериал)(1992-1993) - Matt Draughon
Jack's Place(Сериал)(1993) - Kevin Flynn
Keeper of the City(1991) - Mitch
Get a Life(Сериал)(1991) - Policeman #2
Seinfeld(Сериал)(1991) - Roy
Acting Sheriff(1991) - Deputy Mike Swanson
The Antagonists(Сериал)(1991) - Det. Reese
Cop Rock(Сериал)(1990) - Gary Wendell Carver
After the Shock(1990) - Doctor
Men at Work(1990) - Mike
21 Jump Street(Сериал)(1989) - Minkman
Curfew(1989) - Bob Perkins
Live-In(Сериал)(1989) - Coach Ron Ramsey
Star Trek: The Next Generation(Сериал)(1988-1989) - Ensign Mendon / Mordock
Street of Dreams(1988)
Something Is Out There(Мини Сериал)(1988) - Wendle
Throb(Сериал)(1986-1988) - Jacob / Roger
Brothers(Сериал)(1985-1987) - Bucky Waters
Newhart(Сериал)(1985-1987) - Bill Coder / Inn Guest
The Magical World of Disney(Сериал)(1982-1987) - Abercrombie / Winston / Corporal / ...
Fame(Сериал)(1987) - Jeff Stave
Hill Street Blues(Сериал)(1986) - Paramedic
Impure Thoughts(1986) - Danny Stubbs
Welcome to 18(1986) - Cory
Family Ties(Сериал)(1982-1986) - Neil / Pete Drucker
Rocky Road(Сериал)(1986) - Jeff Grimshaw
You Again?(Сериал)(1986) - Paul
The Love Boat(Сериал)(1986) - Jason Matthews
Waiting to Act(Късометражен)(1985) - Tom's Director
It's a Living(Сериал)(1985) - Agent #2
The Fall Guy(Сериал)(1985) - Blonde Friend
The Sure Thing(1985) - Mastin
The Duck Factory(Сериал)(1984) - Chip
Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues(1983) - Hanging Deputy
Jaws 3-D(1983) - Sean Brody
One Day at a Time(Сериал)(1976-1983) - Bob Morton
Marian Rose White(1982) - Randy
The Wave(1981) - David
Angel Dusted(1981) - Owen Eaton
All in the Family(Сериал)(1973) - Boy Scout

Режисьор: A Holiday Spectacular(2022)
You Had Me at Aloha(2021)
American Housewife(2017-2019)
No Tomorrow(2016)
Rush Hour(2016)
The Father and the Bear(2016)
Significant Mother(2015)
Cougar Town(2009-2015)
Bad Judge(2015)
Route 30 Three!(2014)
Surviving Jack(2014)
The Middle(2013-2014)
The Goodwin Games(2013)
Family Tools(2013)
Route 30
Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike(2012)
Body of Proof(2011)
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure(2011)
Friends with Benefits(2011)
Zeke and Luther(2010)
10 Things I Hate About You(2010)
Ugly Betty(2008-2010)
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love(2009)
My Name Is Earl(2008)
Route 30(2007)
Murder 101(2007)
Mojave Phone Booth(2006)
Where There's a Will(2006)
Grounded for Life(2002-2005)
The Poseidon Adventure(2005)
Good Girls Don't...(2004)
The Tracy Morgan Show(2003-2004)
A Time to Remember(2003)
Madison Heights(2002)
Son of the Beach(2001)
Pursuit of Happiness(2001)
Chicken Soup for the Soul(2000)
This Is My Father(1999)
Valerie Flake(1999)
The Boy Who Saved Christmas(1998)
Curse of the ShadowBorg(1997)
My Ghost Dog(1997)
Alone in the Woods(1996)
The Walter Ego(1991)
Waiting to Act(1985)


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