Salvador / Салвадор

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Завладяваща драма, базирана на истинските преживявания на журналиста Ричард Бойл по време на размириците в Ел Салвадор през 1980 – 81 г. A journalist, down on his luck in the US, drives to El Salvador to chronicle the events of the 1980 military dictatorship, including the assasination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. He forms an uneasy alliance with both guerillas in the countryside who want him to get pictures out to the US press, and the right-wing military, who want him to bring them photographs of the rebels. Meanwhile he has to find a way of protecting his Salvadorean girlfriend and getting her out of the country. Written by Tony Bowden


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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets / Валериан и градът на хилядите планети
Тези 200 милиона отделени за направата на този филм не са отишли