If Lucy Fell

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Joe and Lucy are best friends and roommates in a small Manhattan apartment...and she`s about to turn 30. So Lucy won`t stop reminding Joe of their pact to jump off a bridge if they haven`t found true love by the time she hits the big three-oh. Joe reluctantly agrees to honor the agreement. But first Joe tries to head off disaster by helping their romantic lives take off. He begins by anonymously inviting his beautiful neighbor (whom he`s been ogling for years) to his first gallery opening. Then he makes sure this big event also offers possibilities for Lucy--who wins the interest of celebrated conceptual artist Bwick Elias. Will Joe and Lucy find love in the world of art? Or will the two roommates discover that when it comes to romance, there really is no place like home?



Малка част от любимите ми мръсни, вулгарни и гнусни вицове 18+


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