Карл Милър (Carl Miller)

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1894-8-9 - Iowa Park, Texas, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Карл Милър (Carl Miller)

Всички филми и роли на Карл Милър (Carl Miller)

Актьор - In Old California(1942) - Barfly (uncredited)
Lawless Valley(1938) - Ranch Hand (uncredited)
Painted Desert(1938) - Miner (uncredited)
The Plainsman(1936) - Lattimer's Wagon Driver (uncredited)
Life Begins at 40(1935) - Townsman (uncredited)
No Ransom(1934) - Ashton Woolcott
Embarrassing Moments(1934) - Man
One Exciting Adventure(1934) - Minor Role (uncredited)
The Phantom Broadcast(1933) - Lefty
Renegades of the West(1932) - Rankin - Banker
Sealed Lips(Късометражен)(1931) - Stanwyck
Bad Company(1931) - Gangster (uncredited)
Honor of the Family(1931) - Lieutenant Kolman
One Hundred Dollars(Късометражен)(1931)
Traveling Husbands(1931) - Ben Hall
Friendship(Късометражен)(1929) - 3rd Friend
Making the Varsity(1928) - Jerry Fogarty
Why Sailors Go Wrong(1928) - John Dunning
Haunted Island(1928) - Yetor King
Good as Gold(1927) - Thomas Tilford
Whispering Sage(1927) - Esteban Bengoa
The Canyon of Light(1926) - Ed Bardin
Raggedy Rose(1926) - Ted Tudor
The Great K & A Train Robbery(1926) - Burton Holt
Trapped(Късометражен)(1926) - Jules La Farge
The Power of the Weak(1926) - Kling - the Foreman
The Red Kimona(1925) - Howard Blaine
We Moderns(1925) - Oscar Pleat
The New Butler(1925) - Clayton
Lightnin' Strikes(Късометражен)(1925)
The Redeeming Sin(1925) - Paul Dubois
The Dark Swan(1924) - Tim Fontanelle (as Carlton Miller)
The Lover of Camille(1924) - Armand Duval (as Carlton Miller)
Condemned(1923) - The Man
Jealous Husbands(1923) - Harvey Clegg
A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate(1923) - Jean Millet
The Bride's Play(1922) - Bulmer Meade
Cinderella of the Hills(1921) - Claude Wolcott
The Kid(1921) - The Man
The Parish Priest(1920) - Dr. Edward Welsh
Tempest Cody Turns the Tables(Късометражен)(1919) - Jack Rutledge
Tempest Cody Gets Her Man(Късометражен)(1919) - Jack Rutledge
Tempest Cody Plays Detective(Късометражен)(1919) - Happy Jack Rutledge
Tempest Cody Rides Wild(Късометражен)(1919) - Jack Rutledge
Mary Regan(1919) - Jack Morton
The Doctor and the Woman(1918) - Joe Drummond
A Bit o' Heaven(1917) - Brother Donald
The Clock(1917) - Undetermined role


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