Чарлз К. Уилсън (Charles C. Wilson)

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1894-7-29 - New York City, New York, USA

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Всички филми на Чарлз К. Уилсън (Charles C. Wilson)

Всички филми и роли на Чарлз К. Уилсън (Charles C. Wilson)

Актьор - Crime on Their Hands(Късометражен)(1948) - J.L. Cameron
Blazing Across the Pecos(1948) - Mayor Ace Brockway (as Charles Wilson)
Big Town Scandal(1948) - Editor of the Chronicle (uncredited)
Dark and Gruesome(Късометражен)(1948) - Charlie Hunter (uncredited)
Radio Romeo(Късометражен)(1947) - Radio Station Manager (uncredited)
Her Husband's Affairs(1947) - Police Captain (uncredited)
Key Witness(1947) - Warden (uncredited)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(1947) - Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Meet Mr. Mischief(Късометражен)(1947) - Harry's Boss (as Charles Wilson)
It's a Wonderful Life(1946) - Charlie (uncredited)
Bringing Up Father(1946) - Frank - the Hotel Doorman (as Charles Wilson)
Ginger(1946) - Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Gas House Kids(1946) - Inspector Shannon (as Charles Wilson)
If I'm Lucky(1946) - Police Chief (uncredited)
Dangerous Business(1946) - Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Suspense(1946) - Police Officer (uncredited)
Blonde for a Day(1946) - Will Gentry (as Charles Wilson)
Larceny in Her Heart(1946) - Chief Gentry (as Charles Wilson)
Passkey to Danger(1946) - Police Sergeant
The Phantom Thief(1946) - Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Crime of the Century(1946) - Police Lieutenant (as Charles Wilson)
I Ring Doorbells(1946) - The Inspector (as Charles Wilson)
Because of Him(1946) - City Editor (uncredited)
Scarlet Street(1945) - Watchman (uncredited)
Road to Utopia(1945) - Official Policeman (uncredited)
Week-End at the Waldorf(1945) - Hi Johns (as Charles Wilson)
A Gun in His Hand(Късометражен)(1945) - Chief of Police (uncredited)
Incendiary Blonde(1945) - Mr. Ballinger (uncredited)
The Chicago Kid(1945) - Butler (uncredited)
Two O'Clock Courage(1945) - Brant - City Editor (uncredited)
Brewster's Millions(1945) - Charlie - the Stage Director (uncredited)
Eadie Was a Lady(1945) - Berger (uncredited)
The Missing Juror(1944) - Mac Ellis--Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
Irish Eyes Are Smiling(1944) - Detective (uncredited)
My Buddy(1944) - Chief Detective (as Charles Wilson)
The Big Noise(1944) - Train Conductor (uncredited)
Crime by Night(1944) - District Attorney Hyatt (as Charles Wilson)
Kansas City Kitty(1944) - Mr. Hugo (uncredited)
Shadows in the Night(1944) - Sheriff (uncredited)
Man from Frisco(1944) - Key Man (uncredited)
Silent Partner(1944) - North Hollywood Cop (uncredited)
Roger Touhy
Gangster(1944) - Police Capt. After Hay Wagon Crash (uncredited)
Rookie(1944) - Sam Jonas
Shine on Harvest Moon(1944) - Stage Manager (uncredited)
Is Everybody Happy?(1943) - J. Lionel Smaltz (uncredited)
A Scream in the Dark(1943) - City Editor (uncredited)
Silver Spurs(1943) - Mr. Hawkins (as Charles Wilson)
Batman(1943) - Police Capt. Arnold (uncredited)
Two Señoritas from Chicago(1943) - Chester T. Allgood
Gentleman Jim(1942) - Gurney (uncredited)
My Heart Belongs to Daddy(1942) - Mr. Jepson (uncredited)
The Secret Code(1942) - Desk Sgt. Cullen
Escape from Crime(1942) - Reardon (as Charles Wilson)
Dr. Broadway(1942) - District Attorney McNamara (as Charles Wilson)
This Gun for Hire(1942) - Police Captain
Lady Gangster(1942) - Detective (as Charles Wilson)
Rings on Her Fingers(1942) - Captain Hurley (as Charles Wilson)
Young America(1942) - Roy Wilstack (uncredited)
The Man Who Returned to Life(1942) - Inspector Mensil (uncredited)
Blondie Goes to College(1942) - Police Sergeant (uncredited)
All Through the Night(1942) - Police Lieutenant at Miller's Home Bakery (uncredited)
Blues in the Night(1941) - Barney (as Charles Wilson)
The Officer and the Lady(1941) - Police Captain Hart
Dressed to Kill(1941) - Editor (as Charles Wilson)
Two in a Taxi(1941) - Captain Melton (uncredited)
Out of the Fog(1941) - Police Inspector (uncredited)
Broadway Limited(1941) - Detective (as Charles Wilson)
Strange Alibi(1941) - Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Federal Fugitives(1941) - Bruce Lane (as Charles Wilson)
Knockout(1941) - Monigan (as Charles Wilson)
Las Vegas Nights(1941) - Ed Silver - Deputy Sheriff (uncredited)
Meet John Doe(1941) - Charlie Dawson (as Charles Wilson)
Ride(1941) - Racing Secretary (uncredited)
Dark and Handsome(1941) - Charles
Assistant District Attorney (uncredited)
The Face Behind the Mask(1941) - Chief O'Brien (as Charles Wilson)
Charter Pilot(1940) - Owen
Lady with Red Hair(1940) - George Martin (uncredited)
Tin Pan Alley(1940) - Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
South of Suez(1940) - Guard (scenes deleted)
Knute Rockne All American(1940) - Gambler (uncredited)
So You Won't Talk(1940) - Johnson (uncredited)
City for Conquest(1940) - Bill - Man Behind MacPherson at Fight (uncredited)
Public Deb No. 1(1940) - Sergeant (uncredited)
They Drive by Night(1940) - Mike Williams (uncredited)
Millionaires in Prison(1940) - R.J. Reynolds
Sunday Editor (uncredited)
Girl in 313(1940) - Vincent Brady
Commissioner of Police
Sandy Is a Lady(1940) - Sergeant
Gangs of Chicago(1940) - C.A. Graham - Chief of Police (uncredited)
Enemy Agent(1940) - Chief (uncredited)
He Married His Wife(1940) - Warden (as Charles Wilson)
Invisible Stripes(1939) - Arresting Officer (uncredited)
The Return of Doctor X(1939) - Detective Roy Kincaid (as Charles Wilson)
The Roaring Twenties(1939) - Policeman (uncredited)
Smashing the Money Ring(1939) - Capt. Kilrane (as Charles Wilson)
Here I Am a Stranger(1939) - Managing Editor
Hotel for Women(1939) - Albert (uncredited)
The Cowboy Quarterback(1939) - Coach Hap Farrell (as Charles Wilson)
The Forgotten Woman(1939) - Gray (uncredited)
The House of Fear(1939) - Police Chief (uncredited)
Rose of Washington Square(1939) - Police Lt. Mike Cavanaugh
The Lady's from Kentucky(1939) - Steward (uncredited)
I Was a Convict(1939) - Peterson (uncredited)
Pardon Our Nerve(1939) - Boxing Commissioner (uncredited)
Fighting Thoroughbreds(1939) - Spencer Bogart (as Charles Wilson)
There's That Woman Again(1938) - Police Captain (uncredited)
Little Orphan Annie(1938) - Val Lewis (as Charles Wilson)
Angels with Dirty Faces(1938) - Police Lt. Buckley (uncredited)
Five of a Kind(1938) - Editor Crocker (uncredited)
The Spider's Web(1938) - Chase (as Charles Wilson)
The Night Hawk(1938) - Lonigan
Hold That Co-ed(1938) - Coach Burke (as Charles Wilson)
Tenth Avenue Kid(1938) - Commissioner
The Gladiator(1938) - Theatre Manager (uncredited)
Gateway(1938) - Inspector (uncredited)
When Were You Born(1938) - Inspector Jim C. Gregg (Taurus) (as Charles Wilson)
Prison Farm(1938) - Reardon (uncredited)
Little Miss Thoroughbred(1938) - Mr. Becker
the Gambler (as Charles Wilson)
State Police(1938) - Capt. Halstead (as Charles Wilson)
Irene and Mary(1938) - Covered Wagon Cafe Manager (as Charles Wilson)
Daughter of Shanghai(1937) - Schwartz (uncredited)
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry(1937) - Horse Owner (uncredited)
The Adventurous Blonde(1937) - Mortimer Gray (as Charles Wilson)
That's My Story!(1937) - Cummings
Partners in Crime(1937) - Inspector Simpson
Life Begins in College(1937) - Coach Burke
Broadway Melody of 1938(1937) - Horse Auctioneer (uncredited)
One Mile from Heaven(1937) - Fletcher (uncredited)
Roaring Timber(1937) - Sam Garvin (as Charles Wilson)
The Devil Is Driving(1937) - Defense Attorney Dan Healy (uncredited)
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop(1937) - Hamilton Burger (as Charles Wilson)
Night Key(1937) - Police Capt. Wallace (uncredited)
Midnight Court(1937) - Police Chief (uncredited)
Murder Goes to College(1937) - Police Inspector Simpson (as Charles Wilson)
The Great O'Malley(1937) - Policeman Chiding School Bus Driver (uncredited)
They Wanted to Marry(1937) - Clark (as Charles Wilson)
Girl Overboard(1937) - Editor (uncredited)
You Only Live Once(1937) - Police Inspector (uncredited)
Woman-Wise(1937) - Commissioner (uncredited)
Woman in Distress(1937) - Herbert Glaxton (as Charles Wilson)
Find the Witness(1937) - Charley Blair (uncredited)
Mind Your Own Business(1936) - Detective
Pennies from Heaven(1936) - Prison Warden (uncredited)
White Hunter(1936) - Minor Role (uncredited)
Legion of Terror(1936) - Colonel McCollum (as Charles Wilson)
Rose Bowl(1936) - Burke (uncredited)
Pigskin Parade(1936) - Yale Coach (uncredited)
The Magnificent Brute(1936) - Murphy
Murder with Pictures(1936) - Assistant Editor (uncredited)
Three Married Men(1936) - Train Conductor (as Charles Wilson)
Down the Stretch(1936) - Tex Reardon (as Charles Wilson)
The Gentleman from Louisiana(1936) - Diamond Jim Brady
I'd Give My Life(1936) - Warden
Grand Jury(1936) - Clark
Chronicle City Editor
36 Hours to Kill(1936) - FBI Chief (uncredited)
Earthworm Tractors(1936) - H.J. Russell (as Charles Wilson)
Satan Met a Lady(1936) - Detective Pollock (as Charles Wilson)
Ticket to Paradise(1936) - Detective (uncredited)
Show Boat(1936) - Jim Green (uncredited)
The Mine with the Iron Door(1936) - Pitkins (as Charles Wilson)
Panic on the Air(1936) - Chief Insp. Fitzgerald (as Charles Wilson)
Small Town Girl(1936) - Mr. Donaldson (uncredited)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town(1936) - County Hospital Guard (uncredited)
Big Brown Eyes(1936) - Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
The Country Doctor(1936) - George - Boat Captain (unconfirmed
The Return of Jimmy Valentine(1936) - Kelley
Strike Me Pink(1936) - Hardie (as Charles Wilson)
Hitch Hike Lady(1935) - Mike - a Racketeer
We're Only Human(1935) - Star City Editor Morgan (uncredited)
Show Them No Mercy!(1935) - Clifford
Another Face(1935) - Police Captain Spellman (uncredited)
Thanks a Million(1935) - Motor Policeman Sergeant (uncredited)
Mary Burns
Fugitive(1935) - G-Man at Dance Hall
Music Is Magic(1935) - Decker - Theatre Manager (uncredited)
Fighting Youth(1935) - Bull Stevens (as Charles Wilson)
Rendezvous(1935) - Editor (uncredited)
This Is the Life(1935) - Theater Manager (uncredited)
Waterfront Lady(1935) - Jim McFee aka Mac
The Case of the Lucky Legs(1935) - Police Officer Ricker (as Charles Wilson)
The Public Menace(1935) - First Detective
Dante's Inferno(1935) - Police Inspector (uncredited)
After the Dance(1935) - Chief of Police (uncredited)
Smart Girl(1935) - Morgan (uncredited)
The Glass Key(1935) - District Attorney Edward J. Farr
Murder in the Fleet(1935) - Cmdr. Brown (uncredited)
The Nitwits(1935) - Police Captain Jennings (as Charles Wilson)
Air Hawks(1935) - Tribune Editor (uncredited)
Men of the Hour(1935) - Harper (as Charles Wilson)
Reckless(1935) - Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
Baby Face Harrington(1935) - City Editor (uncredited)
Four Hours to Kill!(1935) - Taft
The Case of the Curious Bride(1935) - Ferry Captain (uncredited)
Princess O'Hara(1935) - Newcomb (uncredited)
The Perfect Clue(1935) - District Attorney
The Great Hotel Murder(1935) - Anthony Wilson
Car 99(1935) - Trooper Capt. Ryan
The Little Colonel(1935) - Jeremy Higgins (uncredited)
The Gilded Lily(1935) - Managing Editor
White Lies(1934) - Defense Attorney (uncredited)
Here Is My Heart(1934) - Captain Dodge (uncredited)
The Secret Bride(1934) - Police Lt. Forrest (uncredited)
Murder in the Clouds(1934) - Lackey (as Charles Wilson)
Behold My Wife!(1934) - Police Captain (uncredited)
Broadway Bill(1934) - Collins
Men of the Night(1934) - Benson
The St. Louis Kid(1934) - Mr. Harris - the Trucking Company Boss (as Charles Wilson)
Port of Lost Dreams(1934) - Warden
The Lemon Drop Kid(1934) - Warden
Embarrassing Moments(1934) - Attorney
The Human Side(1934) - Furniture Buyer (uncredited)
The Dragon Murder Case(1934) - Detective Hennessey (as Charles Wilson)
The Girl from Missouri(1934) - Police Lt. O'Sullivan (uncredited)
Beyond the Law(1934) - Prosecuting Attorney (as Charles Wilson)
Name the Woman(1934) - Joel Walker
The Circus Clown(1934) - Sheldon (as Charles Wilson)
The Hell Cat(1934) - Graham (as Charles Wilson)
Fog Over Frisco(1934) - Detective Sgt. O'Hagen (as Charles Wilson)
Affairs of a Gentleman(1934) - Inspector Quillan
I Believed in You(1934) - Magistrate (uncredited)
Harold Teen(1934) - 'Mac' McKinsey (as Charles Wilson)
Gambling Lady(1934) - Detective Making Raid (uncredited)
The Crosby Case(1934) - Detective Summers (uncredited)
It Happened One Night(1934) - Joe Gordon
I've Got Your Number(1934) - Detective Welch (uncredited)
The Ninth Guest(1934) - Burke (uncredited)
Cross Country Cruise(1934) - Detective (uncredited)
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen(1934) - Chief of Police (uncredited)
Shadows of Sing Sing(1933)
Roman Scandals(1933) - Police Chief Charles Pratt (uncredited)
Dancing Lady(1933) - Club Manager (uncredited)
Havana Widows(1933) - Mr. Timberg (as Charles Wilson)
Female(1933) - Private Detective Falihee (uncredited)
College Coach(1933) - Charles Hauser
The Kennel Murder Case(1933) - Det. Hennessy (uncredited)
Footlight Parade(1933) - Policeman (uncredited)
No Marriage Ties(1933) - Red Moran
City Desk Editor (as Charles Wilson)
Mary Stevens
M.D.(1933) - Walter Rising (as Charles Wilson)
Disgraced(1933) - Thompson
Assistant District Attorney (uncredited)
Heroes for Sale(1933) - 'Red' Squad Policeman #2 (uncredited)
The Mayor of Hell(1933) - Wilson (uncredited)
Private Detective 62(1933) - Bartender (uncredited)
Gold Diggers of 1933(1933) - Deputy (uncredited)
the Great(1933) - Mr. Wade (as Charles Wilson)
Infernal Machine(1933) - First Mate (uncredited)
Hard to Handle(1933) - Jailer (uncredited)
The Trans-Atlantic Mystery(Късометражен)(1932) - Detective Doyle (uncredited)
The Campus Mystery(Късометражен)(1932) - Detective Reardon
A Put Up Job(Късометражен)(1932) - I. C. Morgan (uncredited)
Hot News Margie(Късометражен)(1931) - Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
My Sin(1931) - Guest in Pool Party (uncredited)
Secrets of a Secretary(1931) - Police Captain (uncredited)
Stolen Heaven(1931) - Detective (uncredited)
Insurance(Късометражен)(1930) - Doctor (uncredited)
Getting a Ticket(Късометражен)(1930) - Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Song of Love(1929) - Traveling Salesman (as Charles Wilson)
Broadway Scandals(1929) - Jack
Acquitted(1929) - Detective Nelson
Lucky Boy(1929) - Master of Ceremonies - Amateur Night (uncredited)

Режисьор: Lucky Boy(1929)


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