Роско Карнс (Roscoe Karns)

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1891-9-7 - San Bernardino, California, USA

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Всички филми на Роско Карнс (Roscoe Karns)

Всички филми и роли на Роско Карнс (Roscoe Karns)

Man's Favorite Sport?(1964) - Major Phipps
The Lucy ShowСериал(1963) - Mr. Foley
HenneseyСериал(1959-1962) - Capt. Walter Shafer / Adm. Walter Shafer
December BrideСериал(1958-1959) - Charley Allen / Dad Hodges
Onionhead(1958) - 'Windy' Woods
Richard Diamond
Private DetectiveСериал(1958) - Ed Church
Rocky King
DetectiveСериал(1950-1954) - Police Inspector Rocky King / Rocky King
The Chevrolet Tele-TheatreСериал(1950)
Brooklyn & Heaven(1948) - Carmody
Speed to Spare(1948) - Kangaroo
Devil's Cargo(1948) - Lt. Hardy
The Inside Story(1948) - Eustace Peabody
That's My Man(1947) - Toby Gleeton
Vigilantes of Boomtown(1947) - Billy Delaney
Down Missouri Way(1946) - Press Agent
Avalanche(1946) - Red Kelly
I Ring Doorbells(1946) - Stubby
One Way to Love(1946) - Hobie Simmons
Minstrel Man(1944) - Roscoe
Good Lookin'!(1944) - Archie
The Navy Way(1944) - Frankie Gimble
Old Acquaintance(1943) - Charlie Archer
His Butler's Sister(1943) - Fields
Riding High(1943) - Shorty (uncredited)
Stage Door Canteen(1943) - Roscoe Karns
My Son
the Hero(1943) - Big-Time Percy Morgan
You Can't Escape Forever(1942) - 'Mac' McTurk
Yokel Boy(1942) - Al Devers
Woman of the Year(1942) - Phil Whittaker
A Tragedy at Midnight(1942) - Det. Lt. Cassidy
Road to Happiness(1941) - Charley Grady
Half Shot at SunriseКъсометражен(1941) - Henry Crawford
The Gay Vagabond(1941) - Arthur Dixon
Jerry Dixon
Black Eyes and BluesКъсометражен(1941) - Alfred Harmon
Footsteps in the Dark(1941) - Monahan
Petticoat Politics(1941) - Joe Higgins
Meet the Missus(1940) - Joe Higgins
Ladies Must Live(1940) - Pete H. 'Pighead' Larrabee
They Drive by Night(1940) - Irish McGurn
Saturday's Children(1940) - Willie Sands
Double Alibi(1940) - Jeremiah Jenkins
His Girl Friday(1940) - McCue
That's Right - You're Wrong(1939) - Mal Stamp
Everything's on Ice(1939) - Felix Miller
Dancing Co-Ed(1939) - Joe Drews
King of Chinatown(1939) - 'Rip' Harrigan
Thanks for the Memory(1938/II) - George Kent
You and Me(1938) - Cuffy
Tip-Off Girls(1938) - Tom Benson aka Tommy Logan
Dangerous to Know(1938) - Duncan
Scandal Street(1938) - Austin Brown
Partners in Crime(1937) - Sim Perkins
On Such a Night(1937) - Joe Flynn
Night of Mystery(1937) - Sgt. Heath
Murder Goes to College(1937) - Sim Perkins
Clarence(1937) - Clarence Smith
Cain and Mabel(1936) - Reilly
Three Married Men(1936) - Peter Cary
Three Cheers for Love(1936) - Doc 'Short Circuit' Wilson
Border Flight(1936) - Calico Smith
Woman Trap(1936) - Mopsy
Two Fisted(1935) - Chick Moran
Front Page Woman(1935) - Toots O'Grady
Alibi Ike(1935) - Carey
Four Hours to Kill!(1935) - Johnson
The Woman in Red(1935) - Man in court room (uncredited)
Red Hot Tires(1935) - Bud Keene
Wings in the Dark(1935) - Nick Williams
I Sell Anything(1934) - Monk
Elmer and Elsie(1934) - Rocky Cott
Shoot the Works(1934) - Sailor Burke
Twentieth Century(1934) - Owen O'Malley
Come On
Marines!(1934) - Spud McGurke
It Happened One Night(1934) - Oscar Shapeley
Search for Beauty(1934) - Newspaper Reporter (scenes deleted)
Alice in Wonderland(1933) - Tweedledee
The Women in His Life(1933) - Lester
One Sunday Afternoon(1933) - Snappy Downer
Gambling Ship(1933) - Blooey
A Lady's Profession(1933) - Tony
Today We Live(1933) - McGinnis
Grand Slam(1933) - Contest Radio Announcer
Lawyer Man(1932) - Merritt - Reporter (uncredited)
Under-Cover Man(1932) - Dannie
If I Had a Million(1932) - Private O'Brien
Night After Night(1932) - Leo
They Call It Sin(1932) - Brandt - Rehearsal Director (uncredited)
One Way Passage(1932) - S.S.Maloa Bartender (uncredited)
The Crooked Circle(1932) - Harry Carter
Two Against the World(1932) - Segall
Week-End Marriage(1932) - Jim Davis
The Roadhouse Murder(1932) - Jeff Dale
Play Girl(1932) - Gambler (uncredited)
Stowaway(1932) - Insp. Redding
High Pressure(1932) - Telephone salesman (uncredited)
Ladies of the Big House(1931) - Frank - Twenty Questions Player (uncredited)
Left Over Ladies(1931) - 'Scoop'
Pleasure(1931) - Arnie
Laughing Sinners(1931) - Fred Geer
Dirigible(1931) - Sock McGuire
Many a Slip(1931) - Stan Price
The Gorilla(1930) - Simmons
The Costello Case(1930) - Blair
Man Trouble(1930) - Scott
Little Accident(1930) - Gilbert
Safety in Numbers(1930) - Bertram Shapiro
Troopers Three(1930) - Bugs
New York Nights(1929) - Johnny Dolan
This Thing Called Love(1929) - Harry Bertrand
CopyКъсометражен(1929) - City Editor John Mack
The Flying Fleet(1929) - Shipwrecked Radio Operator (uncredited)
The Shopworn Angel(1928) - Dance Director
Object: Alimony(1928) - Al Bryant
Moran of the Marines(1928) - Swatty
Beggars of Life(1928) - Lame Hoppy
Win That Girl(1928) - Johnny Norton II
Jazz Mad(1928) - Sol Levy
Warming Up(1928) - Hippo
The Vanishing Pioneer(1928) - Ray Hearn
The Desert Bride(1928) - Pvt. Terry
Something Always Happens(1928) - George
The Trail of '98(1928) - Man on Ship (uncredited)
Beau Sabreur(1928) - Buddy
The Jazz Singer(1927) - Agent (uncredited)
Ten Modern Commandments(1927) - Benny Burnaway
Wings(1927) - Lt. Cameron
Ritzy(1927) - Smith's Valet
You'd Be Surprised(1926) - Party Guest (uncredited)
Dollar Down(1925) - Gene Meadows
The Overland Limited(1925) - Patrick Henry Madden
The Foolish Virgin(1924) - Chuck Brady
The Midnight Express(1924) - Switch Hogan
Bluff(1924) - Jack Hallowell
The Ten Commandments(1923) - Dan's Pal and Business Associate (uncredited)
Down to the Ship to SeeКъсометражен(1923) - Jack
Other Men's Daughters(1923) - Hubert
Conquering the Woman(1922) - Shorty Thompson
Afraid to Fight(1922) - Bertie
The Trouper(1922) - Neal Selden
Her Own Money(1922) - Jerry Woodward
Too Much Married(1921) - Bob Holiday
The Man Tamer(1921) - Bradley P. Caldwell Jr
The Life of the Party(1920) - Sam Perkins
The Family Honor(1920) - Dal Tucker
Poor Relations(1919) - Henry
Be CarefulКъсометражен(1919)
Sally's Blighted CareerКъсометражен(1919)
Brides for TwoКъсометражен(1919)
Know Thy WifeКъсометражен(1918) - Steve - Bob's Chum
Beans for TwoКъсометражен(1918) - Jimmy's Friend
A Western Governor's HumanityКъсометражен(1915) - The Sheriff
A Species of Mexican ManКъсометражен(1915)
From Champion to TrampКъсометражен(1915) - The Girl's Father
Mr. Carlson of ArizonaКъсометражен(1915)


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