Клод Алистър (Claud Allister)

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1888-10-3 - London, England, UK

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Клод Алистър (Claud Allister)

Всички филми и роли на Клод Алистър (Claud Allister)

Актьор - The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna(Сериал)(1957) - Ogelthorpe
The People's Choice(Сериал)(1956) - the Butler
Star Stage(Сериал)(1956)
It's a Great Life(Сериал)(1955) - Butler
Lux Video Theatre(Сериал)(1950-1955) - Henderson / Butler to Frampton / Burton
Screen Directors Playhouse(Сериал)(1955) - Cyril - the Butler
The Black Shield of Falworth(1954) - Sir George
My Little Margie(Сериал)(1953) - Mr. Winston
Kiss Me Kate(1953) - Paul
Hollywood Opening Night(Сериал)(1953)
Biff Baker
U.S.A.(Сериал)(1952) - Cedric Ashby
Down Among the Sheltering Palms(1952) - Woolawei (uncredited)
Hong Kong(1952) - Hotel Manager
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad(1949) - Water Rat (voice
as Claude Allister)
The Wind in the Willows(Късометражен)(1949) - Rat (voice)
Quartet(1948) - 1st. Club Man (segment "The Colonel's Lady") (as Claude Allister)
Youth at the Helm(1946) - Chairman of the London and Metropolitan Bank
Showtime(1946) - Archie
Dumb Dora Discovers Tobacco(Късометражен)(1945) - Sir Percival
Don Chicago(1945) - Lord Piccadilly
Kiss the Bride Goodbye(1945) - Adolphus Pickering
I Was a Criminal(1945) - First Railroad Employee
The Hundred Pound Window(1944) - Hon. Freddie
Forever and a Day(1943) - William Barstow
Don't Get Personal(1942) - Sir Cecil (uncredited)
Confirm or Deny(1941) - William (scenes deleted)
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break(1941) - Bitten Englishman (uncredited)
A Yank in the R.A.F.(1941) - Officer-Motorist (uncredited)
Charley's Aunt(1941) - Cricket Match Spectator
The Reluctant Dragon(Късометражен)(1941/II) - Sir Giles (voice)
The Reluctant Dragon(1941/I) - Sir Giles (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice)
Pride and Prejudice(1940) - Mr. Beck (uncredited)
Lillian Russell(1940) - Arthur Sullivan (as Claude Allister)
Captain Fury(1939) - Suco
Arrest Bulldog Drummond(1938) - Sir Basil Leghorne
Storm Over Bengal(1938) - Redding
Blond Cheat(1938) - Lord Basil Sheldon (uncredited)
Men Are Such Fools(1938) - Rudolf (as Claude Allister)
Kentucky Moonshine(1938) - Lord Boffingwell (uncredited)
Radio Parade of 1937(1937)
What a Knight!(Късометражен)(1937)
The Awful Truth(1937) - Lord Fabian (uncredited)
Danger - Love at Work(1937) - Salesman
Let's Make a Night of It(1937) - Monty
Bulldog Drummond at Bay(1937) - Algy Longworth
Lady Luck(1936) - Briggs (as Claude Allister)
Yellowstone(1936) - Guest with Monocole (uncredited)
Dracula's Daughter(1936) - Sir Aubrey (as Claude Allister)
Three Live Ghosts(1936) - Lord 'Spoofy' Brockton (as Claude Allister)
The Dark Angel(1935) - Lawrence Bidley
Every Night at Eight(1935) - Mr. Vernon (uncredited)
The Private Life of Don Juan(1934) - The Duke
as Dukes Go (as Claude Allister)
The Return of Bulldog Drummond(1934) - Algy Longworth
Those Were the Days(1934) - Capt. Horace Vale
The Lady Is Willing(1934) - Brevin (as Claude Allister)
The Medicine Man(1933) - The Hon. Freddie Wiltshire (as Claude Allister)
The Private Life of Henry VIII(1933) - Cornell (as Claude Allister)
Sleeping Car(1933) - Baron Delande (as Claude Allister)
Excess Baggage(1933) - Col. Murgatroyd
That's My Wife(1933) - Archie Trevor
Private Wives(Късометражен)(1933)
Midshipmaid Gob(1932) - Chinley (as Claude Allister)
The Return of Raffles(1932) - Bunny
Blame the Woman(1932) - Joe Fragson
Wives Beware(1932) - Dr. Biggash
The Unexpected Father(1932) - Claude
On the Loose(Късометражен)(1931) - Mr. Loder's Friend
The Sea Ghost(1931) - Percy Atwater
Platinum Blonde(1931) - Dawson - the Valet (as Claude Allister)
I Like Your Nerve(1931) - Archie Lester (as Claude Allister)
Meet the Wife(1931) - Victor Staunton
Rough House Rhythm(Късометражен)(1931)
Captain Applejack(1931) - John Jason (as Claude Allister)
Reaching for the Moon(1930) - Sir Horace Partington Chelmsford
Monte Carlo(1930) - Duke Otto von Liebenheim
The Florodora Girl(1930) - Lord Rumblesham
Czar of Broadway(1930) - Francis
Ladies Love Brutes(1930) - Tailor (uncredited)
Murder Will Out(1930) - Alan Fitzhugh
Such Men Are Dangerous(1930) - Fred Wyndham (as Claude Allister)
Slightly Scarlet(1930) - Albert Hawkins
In the Next Room(1930) - Parks (the butler)
Three Live Ghosts(1929) - Spoofy
Charming Sinners(1929) - Gregson
Bulldog Drummond(1929) - Algy (as Claude Allister)
The Trial of Mary Dugan(1929) - Henry James Plaisted


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