Доналд Макбрайд (Donald MacBride)

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1889-6-23 - Brooklyn, New York, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Доналд Макбрайд (Donald MacBride)

Всички филми и роли на Доналд Макбрайд (Donald MacBride)

Актьор - The Ford Television Theatre(Сериал)(1956) - Mr. Hathaway
Screen Directors Playhouse(Сериал)(1956) - Col. Hobson
The Red Skelton Hour(Сериал)(1956) - Mr. Avery - restaurant owner / Bank Manager
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre(Сериал)(1956) - Dr. Rauchenback
Climax!(Сериал)(1956) - Lt. Ferguson
The Jimmy Durante Show(Сериал)(1955) - The Landlord
The Seven Year Itch(1955) - Mr. Brady
The Ray Milland Show(Сериал)(1955) - Captain O'Brien
My Little Margie(Сериал)(1955) - Mr. Withers
My Friend Irma(Сериал)(1952-1954) - Milton J. Clyde / Mr. Clyde
Gobs and Gals(1952) - Cmdr. J.E. Gerrens
Newlyweds' House Guest(Късометражен)(1952) - Bob's Boss
Ghost Buster(Късометражен)(1952) - J.R. Lynch
Meet Danny Wilson(1952) - Police Desk Sergeant
Sailor Beware(1952) - Chief Bos'n Mate (uncredited)
The Andrews Sisters(1951)
The Stooge(1951) - Diner Proprietor (uncredited)
Two Tickets to Broadway(1951) - Bus Terminal Guard Arresting Carter (uncredited)
Texas Carnival(1951) - Concessionaire #2
Rhubarb(1951) - Pheeny
Cuban Fireball(1951) - Captain Brown
Bowery Battalion(1951) - Sgt. Herbert Frisbie
Holiday Rhythm(1950) - Earl E. Byrd
Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey(1950) - Mayor
The Story of Seabiscuit(1949) - George Carson
Jinx Money(1948) - Police Capt. James Q. Broaderik
Campus Sleuth(1948) - Insp. Watson
Smart Politics(1948) - Phineas Wharton
Sr. / Phineas Wharton
Public Prosecutor(Сериал)(1947) - Police Lt. John Haver
Good News(1947) - Coach Johnson
Joe Palooka in the Knockout(1947) - Crockett
The Fabulous Joe(1947) - Lawyer Gilbert
Buck Privates Come Home(1947) - Police Captain
The Egg and I(1947/I) - Mr. Henty
Beat the Band(1947) - P. Aloysius Duff
The Brute Man(1946) - Police Captain M. J. Donelly
The Killers(1946) - R.S. Kenyon
The Time of Their Lives(1946) - Lt. Mason
The Dark Horse(1946) - John Rooney
The Dark Corner(1946) - Policeman in Galleries (uncredited)
Blonde Alibi(1946) - Police Inspector Carmichael
Little Giant(1946) - Bus Conductor
Girl on the Spot(1946) - Inspector Gleason
Doll Face(1945) - Lawyer Ferguson (as Donald McBride)
Hold That Blonde!(1945) - Mr. Kratz
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood(1945) - Dennis Kavanaugh
Penthouse Rhythm(1945) - Brewster
Out of This World(1945) - J.C. Crawford
Back to Bataan(1945) - Liberated Prisoner (uncredited)
She Gets Her Man(1945) - Henry Wright
Practically Yours(1944) - Sam (uncredited)
The Thin Man Goes Home(1944) - Police Chief MacGregor
The Doughgirls(1944) - Judge Franklin
Best Foot Forward(1943) - Capt. Bradd
A Stranger in Town(1943) - Vinnie Z. Blaxton
They Got Me Covered(1943) - Mason
Lady Bodyguard(1943) - R. L. Barclay
A Night to Remember(1942) - Bolling
My Sister Eileen(1942) - Officer Lonigan
The Glass Key(1942) - Farr
Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost(1942) - Percy Fitzbadden
Juke Girl(1942) - 'Muckeye' John
Two Yanks in Trinidad(1942) - Sgt. Valentine
Louisiana Purchase(1941) - Capt. Pierre Whitfield
You're in the Army Now(1941) - Colonel Dobson
Rise and Shine(1941) - Coach Graham
You'll Never Get Rich(1941) - Top Sergeant
Here Comes Mr. Jordan(1941) - Police Inspector Williams
Love Crazy(1941) - 'Pinky' Grayson
Footlight Fever(1941) - Mr. Geoffrey 'Geoff' Crandall
Topper Returns(1941) - Police Detective Roberts
High Sierra(1941) - Big Mac
The Invisible Woman(1940) - Foghorn
Michael Shayne: Private Detective(1940) - Chief Painter
Murder Over New York(1940) - Inspector Vance
Hit Parade of 1941(1940) - Harrison
Wyoming(1940) - Bart - Henchman (uncredited)
My Favorite Wife(1940) - Yosemite Hotel Clerk
Curtain Call(1940) - Geoffrey 'Jeff' Crandall
Northwest Passage(1940) - Sgt. McNott
The Saint's Double Trouble(1940) - John Bohlen
The Amazing Mr. Williams(1939) - Police Lieutenant Bixler
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island(1939) - Chief J.J. Kilvaine
Blondie Takes a Vacation(1939) - Harvey Morton (as Donald Mac Bride)
The Girl and the Gambler(1939) - Mike Bascom
The Girl from Mexico(1939) - L. B. Renner
The Gracie Allen Murder Case(1939) - Dist. Atty. John Markham
The Flying Irishman(1939) - Mr. Roy Thompson
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle(1939) - Hotel Manager
Twelve Crowded Hours(1939) - Detective Sergeant Joe Keller
The Great Man Votes(1939) - Iron Hat McCarthy
Annabel Takes a Tour(1938) - Thompson
RR Conductor
Room Service(1938) - Gregory Wagner
Who's Crazy?(Късометражен)(1937)
His Pest Girl(Късометражен)(1937) - Elevator operator (as Don McBride)
The Screen Test(Късометражен)(1936) - Fighter (as Don McBride)
Nut Guilty(Късометражен)(1936) - Dan Riley (uncredited)
Modern Home(Късометражен)(1936) - Asylum Keeper (as Don MacBride)
Any Old Port(Късометражен)(1936)
The Chemist(Късометражен)(1936) - Gangster (as Don McBride)
The Good Old Plumbertime(Късометражен)(1936)
The Wife of the Party(Късометражен)(1936) - The Husband (as Don MacBride)
Peaceful Relations(Късометражен)(1936) - Irate Camper
Fresh from the Fleet(Късометражен)(1936) - Mr.Callahan
Shop Talk(Късометражен)(1936) - Assistant Manager (uncredited)
Nutville(Късометражен)(1935) - Announcer (as Don MacBride)
Serves You Right(Късометражен)(1935) - Muscle Bound Pete (as Don MacBride)
Once Over Lightly(Късометражен)(1935)
His First Flame(Късометражен)(1935) - Fire Chief (as Don McBride)
A Peach of a Pair(Късометражен)(1934) - The Baron - Dinner Guest (uncredited)
So You Won't T-T-T-Talk(Късометражен)(1934) - Angry Neighbor (uncredited)
Smoked Hams(Късометражен)(1934) - Stagehand (uncredited)
My Mummy's Arms(Късометражен)(1934) - Egyptian (uncredited)
Social Register(1934) - Bit (uncredited)
The Wrong
Wrong Trail(Късометражен)(1934) - I. Peek - Head Detective (uncredited)
Nervous Hands(Късометражен)(1934)
A Little Girl with Big Ideas(Късометражен)(1934)
Howd' Ya Like That?(Късометражен)(1934) - Customs Officer (uncredited)
Why Nudism: An Expose of Nudism(Късометражен)(1933) - Man walking through lobby (uncredited)
Here Comes Flossie!(Късометражен)(1933) - Flossie's Driver
Get That Venus(1933)
Static(Късометражен)(1933) - Bit Role (uncredited)
Moonlight and Pretzels(1933) - Business Associate (uncredited)
That Goes Double(Късометражен)(1933) - The Cop (uncredited)
Aces Wild(Късометражен)(1933) - Mr. Dawson
Buzzin' Around(Късометражен)(1933) - Policeman (uncredited)
Acid Test(Късометражен)(1932)
Artistic Temper(Късометражен)(1932) - Stagehand
The Side Show Mystery(Късометражен)(1932)
The Misleading Lady(1932) - Bill - Asylum Guard
Wayward(1932) - Taxicab Driver (uncredited)
Detectuvs(Късометражен)(1932) - Yegg (uncredited)
His Woman(1931) - Crewman (uncredited)
Animal Crackers(1930) - House Party Guest (uncredited)
The Capitol(1919) - Jimmy Vincent (as Donald Hugh McBride)
The Shell Game(1918) - Vocal Teacher
The Fettered Woman(1917) - Jack Wolver (as Donald McBride)
Gall and Golf(Късометражен)(1917)
Hesper of the Mountains(1916) - Baker
The Daring of Diana(1916) - Jimmy Towne
Kernel Nutt and the Piano Tuner(Късометражен)(1916) - The Professor
She Won the Prize(Късометражен)(1916) - Enrico
Out Ag'in
in Ag'in(Късометражен)(1916) - The Burglar
Jane's Bashful Hero(Късометражен)(1916) - Willie Wiggins
When Hooligan and Dooligan Ran for Mayor(Късометражен)(1916) - Jack Dooligan
By Might of His Right(Късометражен)(1915) - The Wife's Big Brother
Hughey of the Circus(Късометражен)(1915) - Tom
Count 'Em(Късометражен)(1915)
Hats Is Hats(Късометражен)(1915)
A Family Picnic(Късометражен)(1915) - Mr. Jones
The Sultan of Zulon(Късометражен)(1915) - Frank Kent
A Safe Investment(Късометражен)(1915/I)
Lillian's Husbands(Късометражен)(1915)
Fits and Chills(Късометражен)(1915) - 1st Hired Man
The Professional Diner(Късометражен)(1915) - The Hotel Clerk
The Cub and the Daisy Chain(Късометражен)(1915)
The Serpent's Tooth(Късометражен)(1915) - The Dentist
Welcome to Bohemia(Късометражен)(1915)
The Honeymoon Baby(Късометражен)(1915)
The Revolt of Mr. Wiggs(Късометражен)(1915) - Mr. Wiggs
What's Ours?(Късометражен)(1915)
Mr. Blink of Bohemia(Късометражен)(1915)
Snow and Ice(Късометражен)(1915) - Clarence Posonby
The Professor's Painless Cure(Късометражен)(1915) - The Dancing Master
Cutey's Sister(Късометражен)(1915)
Easy Money(Късометражен)(1915/II)
The Timid Mr. Tootles(Късометражен)(1915) - The Assistant Clerk
A Man of Parts(Късометражен)(1915)
Some White Hope?(Късометражен)(1915) - Hiram Limberger
The Combination(Късометражен)(1915)
The Mysterious Mr. Davey(Късометражен)(1914) - The Office Boy
The Royal Wild West(Късометражен)(1914) - Reginald Butterworth


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