Х.Б. Уорнър (H.B. Warner)

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1876-10-26 - London, England, UK

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Всички филми на Х.Б. Уорнър (H.B. Warner)

Всички филми и роли на Х.Б. Уорнър (H.B. Warner)

Актьор - The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2(2020) - Narrator (voice)
Darby's Rangers(1958) - Bit Part (uncredited)
The Ten Commandments(1956) - Amminadab
Journey Into Light(1951) - Wiz - the Wino
Here Comes the Groom(1951) - Uncle Elihu
Savage Drums(1951) - Maou
The First Legion(1951) - Fr. Jose Sierra
Sunset Blvd.(1950) - H. B. Warner
Hellfire(1949) - Brother Joseph
El Paso(1949) - Judge Fletcher
The Judge Steps Out(1948) - Chief Justice Hayes
The Prince of Thieves(1948) - Gilbert Head
High Wall(1947) - Mr. Slocum
Driftwood(1947) - Rev. J. 'Grandpappy' Hollingsworth
Prospecting for Petroleum(1946) - The Voice of History (voice)
It's a Wonderful Life(1946) - Mr. Gower
Gentleman Joe Palooka(1946) - Sen. McCarden
Strange Impersonation(1946) - Dr. Mansfield
Captain Tugboat Annie(1945) - Judge Abbott
Rogues Gallery(1944) - Prof. Reynolds
Faces in the Fog(1944) - Defense Attorney Rankins
Enemy of Women(1944) - Col. Eberhart Brandt
Prices Unlimited(Късометражен)(1944) - Uncle Sam (uncredited)
Action in Arabia(1944) - Abdul El Rashid
Women in Bondage(1943) - Pastor Renz
Hitler's Children(1943) - The Bishop
The Boss of Big Town(1942) - Jeffrey Moore
A Yank in Libya(1942) - Herbert Forbes
Crossroads(1942) - Prosecuting Attorney
The Corsican Brothers(1941) - Dr. Enrico Paoli
South of Tahiti(1941) - High Chief Kawalima
All That Money Can Buy(1941) - Justice Hawthorne
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime(1941) - Ray Jardin
City of Missing Girls(1941) - Captain McVeigh
Topper Returns(1941) - Mr. Carrington
New Moon(1940) - Father Michel
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington(1939) - Senate Majority Leader
The Rains Came(1939) - Maharajah
Nurse Edith Cavell(1939) - Mr. Hugh Gibson
Bulldog Drummond's Bride(1939) - Colonel Nielson
The Gracie Allen Murder Case(1939) - Richard Lawrence
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police(1939) - Colonel Nielson
Let Freedom Ring(1939) - Rutledge
Arrest Bulldog Drummond(1938) - Colonel Nielsen
You Can't Take It with You(1938) - Ramsey
Army Girl(1938) - Col. Armstrong
Bulldog Drummond in Africa(1938) - Colonel J.A. Nielson
The Toy Wife(1938) - Victor Brigard
Kidnapped(1938) - Angus Rankeillor
The Adventures of Marco Polo(1938) - Chen Tsu
The Girl of the Golden West(1938) - Father Sienna
Victoria the Great(1937) - Lord Melbourne
Torpedoed(1937) - British Consul Brent
Lost Horizon(1937) - Chang
Along Came Love(1936) - Dr. Martin
Blackmailer(1936) - Michael Rankin
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town(1936) - Judge May
Moonlight Murder(1936) - Godfrey Chiltern
Rose of the Rancho(1936) - Don Pasqual Castro
The Garden Murder Case(1936) - Major Fenwicke-Ralston
A Tale of Two Cities(1935) - Gabelle
Born to Gamble(1935) - Carter Mathews
Night Alarm(1934) - Henry B. Smith
Behold My Wife!(1934) - Hubert Carter
In Old Santa Fe(1934) - Charlie Miller
Grand Canary(1934) - Dr. Ismay
Viva Villa!(1934) - Man (scenes deleted)
Sorrell and Son(1933) - Captain Stephen Sorrell
Christopher Bean(1933) - Maxwell Davenport
Jennie Gerhardt(1933) - William Gerhardt
Supernatural(1933) - Dr. Carl Houston
Justice Takes a Holiday(1933) - John Logan
The Son-Daughter(1932) - Sin Kai
The Phantom of Crestwood(1932) - Priam Andes
The Crusader(1932) - Phillip Brandon
Tom Brown of Culver(1932) - Dr. Brown
Unholy Love(1932) - Dr. Daniel Gregory
Cross-Examination(1932) - Gerald Waring - Defense Attorney
A Woman Commands(1932) - Col. Stradimirovitsch
The Menace(1932) - Inspector Tracy
Charlie Chan's Chance(1932) - Inspector Fife
Expensive Women(1931) - Melville Raymond
Five Star Final(1931) - Michael Townsend
The Reckless Hour(1931) - Walter Nichols
A Woman of Experience(1931) - Major Hugh Schmidt
The Princess and the Plumber(1930) - Prince Conrad of Daritzia
Liliom(1930) - Chief Magistrate
On Your Back(1930) - Raymond Pryor
Wild Company(1930) - Henry Grayson
The Second Floor Mystery(1930) - Inspector Bray
The Furies(1930) - Oliver Bedlow
The Green Goddess(1930) - Major Crespin
Wedding Rings(1929) - Lewis Dike
Tiger Rose(1929) - Dr. Cusick
Show of Shows(1929) - The Victim - Guillotine Sequence
The Argyle Case(1929) - Hurley
The Gamblers(1929) - James Darwin
The Trial of Mary Dugan(1929) - District Attorney Galway
Stark Mad(1929) - Prof. Dangerfield
The Doctor's Secret(1929) - Richard Garson
The Divine Lady(1928) - Sir William Hamilton
Conquest(1928) - James Farnham
The Naughty Duchess(1928) - Duke de St. Maclou
Romance of a Rogue(1928) - Bruce Lowry
Man-Made Women(1928) - Jules Moret
French Dressing(1927) - Phillip Grey
Sorrell and Son(1927) - Stephen Sorrell
The King of Kings(1927) - Jesus - the Christ
Silence(1926/I) - Jim Warren
Whispering Smith(1926) - 'Whispering Smith'
Is Love Everything?(1924) - Jordan Southwick
The Man from Broadway(1924) - James Sanford Richardson
Zaza(1923) - Bernard Dufresne
When We Were 21(1921) - Richard Carewe
Dice of Destiny(1920) - Jimmy Doyle
Felix O'Day(1920) - Felix O'Day
One Hour Before Dawn(1920) - George Clayton
Uncharted Channels(1920) - Timothy Webb Jr
The White Dove(1920) - Sylvester Lanyon
Haunting Shadows(1919) - John Glenarm
A Fugitive from Matrimony(1919) - Stephen Van Courtlandt
The Gray Wolf's Ghost(1919) - Doctor West / Harry West
For a Woman's Honor(1919) - Captain Clyde Mannering
The Pagan God(1919) - Bruce Winthrop
The Man Who Turned White(1919) - Captain Rand / aka Ali Zaman
Seven Deadly Sins(1917) - Feodor / The Grand Duke - Wrath & Seventh Sin
Danger Trail(1917) - John Howland
God's Man(1917) - Arnold L'Hommedieu
The Seventh Sin(1917) - Feodor / The Grand Duke
Wrath(1917) - Feodor / The Grand Duke
The Vagabond Prince(1916) - Prince Tonio
Shell 43(1916) - William Berner
The Market of Vain Desire(1916) - John Armstrong (as Henry B. Warner)
The Beggar of Cawnpore(1916) - Dr. Robert Lowndes
The Raiders(1916/I) - Scott Wells (as Henry B. Warner)
The Ghost Breaker(1914) - Warren Jarvis
The Lost Paradise(1914) - Reuben Warren
Harp of Tara(Късометражен)(1914) - Father Daly
English Nell(Късометражен)(1900) - Duke of Monmouth


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