Рей Барет (Ray Barrett)

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1927-5-2 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Рей Барет (Ray Barrett)

Всички филми и роли на Рей Барет (Ray Barrett)

Актьор - Thunderbirds(Сериал)(2015) - Dawkins / John Tracy / The Hood
Australia(2008) - Ramsden
All Saints(Сериал)(2004) - Doc Connelly
White Collar Blue(Сериал)(2003) - Barry Hill
After the Deluge(2003) - Old Cliff
Visitors(2003) - Bill Perry
Dalkeith(2001) - Tarquin St John Smythe
Stingers(Сериал)(2000) - Mr. Rafferty
Something in the Air(Сериал)(2000) - Len Taylor
In the Winter Dark(1998) - Maurice Stubbs
Heaven's Burning(1997) - Cam
Medivac(Сериал)(1997) - Frank Wheeler
Hotel de Love(1996) - Jack Dunne
Brilliant Lies(1996) - Brian Connor
Fire(Сериал)(1996) - Charles
Bordertown(Мини Сериал)(1995) - Colonel Forsythe
Correlli(Мини Сериал)(1995) - Harry Powell
Asian Connection: Old Flames(1995)
Dad and Dave: On Our Selection(1995) - Dwyer
Hotel Sorrento(1995) - Wal Moynihan
No Worries(1993) - Old Burkey
Waiting(1991) - Frank
The Paper Man(Мини Сериал)(1990) - Maurice Grimm
Prisoners of the Sun(1990) - President of the Bench
G.P.(Сериал)(1989) - Rex Mitchell
As Time Goes by(1988) - J.L. Weston
Contagion(1987) - Bael
Frenchman's Farm(1987) - Harry Benson
The Challenge(Мини Сериал)(1986-1987) - Robert McCullough
The Flying Doctors(Сериал)(1986) - Frank Watson
Tusitala(Мини Сериал)(1986) - Harry Moors
Rebel(1985) - Bubbles
The Empty Beach(1985) - MacLeary
Relatives(1984) - Geoffrey
The Gamble(Късометражен)(1984) - Ian
The Last Bastion(Мини Сериал)(1984) - Gen. Tom Blamey
Where the Green Ants Dream(1984) - Cole
Waterfront(Мини Сериал)(1984) - Sam Elliott
Five Mile Creek(Сериал)(1984) - Harry
Goodbye Paradise(1982) - Michael Stacy
A Shifting Dreaming(1982) - Constable William Murray
A Dangerous Summer(1982) - F.C.O. Webster
Sporting Chance(Сериал)(1981) - Robbo
Levkas Man(Сериал)(1981)
Home Sweet Home(Сериал)(1980) - Stan Parker
The Timeless Land(Мини Сериал)(1980) - Gov. Bligh
The Earthling(1980) - Parnell
Burn the Butterflies(1979) - Prime Minister
Tim(1979) - Man Outside Hotel (uncredited)
Golden Soak(Мини Сериал)(1979) - Alec Hamilton
Run from the Morning(Сериал)(1978) - Detective Sergeant Grogon
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith(1978) - Farrell
No Room to Run(1977) - Jack Deakin
Let the Balloon Go(1976) - Dr. McLeod
Don's Party(1976) - Mal
The Outsiders(Сериал)(1976) - Harry
Arena(1976) - Col Burrows
The Company Men(Мини Сериал)(1975)
The Hostages(1975) - Joe Blake
Churchill's People(Сериал)(1975) - Leo Hennessey
The Amorous Milkman(1975) - John
The Double Dealers(Сериал)(1974) - Geoffrey Burch
Colditz(Сериал)(1974) - Flt. Lt. Jack Collins
Dixon of Dock Green(Сериал)(1964-1974) - Phil Burgh / Nat Singer
The Adventures of Black Beauty(Сериал)(1974) - T. Otis Waygood
Barlow at Large(Сериал)(1974) - Johnny Duchene
Little Laura and Big John(1973) - Cates
Public Eye(Сериал)(1972) - Melville Hayden-Peters
Stage 2(Сериал)(1972) - Button moulder
Mogul(Сериал)(1965-1972) - Peter Thornton
Inn of the Frightened People(1971) - Harry
Music on 2(Сериал)(1970) - Narrator
Barry Humphries' Scandals(Сериал)(1970)
Strangers in the Night(1969) - Various Characters
The Corbett Follies(Сериал)(1969)
Just Like a Woman(1967) - Australian
Thunderbirds Are GO(1966) - John Tracy / The Hood (voice)
Thunderbirds(Сериал)(1965-1966) - John Tracy / The Hood / Lieutenant Burroughs / ...
The Man in Room 17(Сериал)(1966) - Al Gover
The Reptile(1966) - Harry George Spalding
The Spies(Сериал)(1966) - Walker
No Hiding Place(Сериал)(1963-1965) - Johnny Crown / Larry Hobbs
Blackmail(Сериал)(1965) - Patek
BBC Play of the Month(Сериал)(1965) - Knight
Drama 61-67(Сериал)(1962-1965) - Keith Turner / Captain Murchison / Simpson
ITV Sunday Night Drama(Сериал)(1965) - Keith Turner
Stingray(Сериал)(1964-1965) - Commander Sam Shore / Sub-Lieutenant John Horatio Fisher / King Titan / ...
Thursday Theatre(Сериал)(1965) - Jacko
The Brothers Karamazov(Мини Сериал)(1964-1965) - Mitya Karamazov
Doctor Who(Сериал)(1965) - Bennett / Koquillion
Valley of the Kings(1964) - Mr. Marsh
Gideon C.I.D.(Сериал)(1964) - Robert Carne
The Saint(Сериал)(1964) - Willie Kinsall
Ghost Squad(Сериал)(1963-1964) - Peter Clarke / Mr. Hicks
ITV Play of the Week(Сериал)(1963-1964) - Sergeant Weston / Jack Bailey
To Have and to Hold(1963) - Henry Fraser
First Night(Сериал)(1963) - Frank Angelo
000 Suspects(1963) - Health Inspector Bennett
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre(Сериал)(1962-1963) - Henry Fraser / Sammy
ITV Television Playhouse(Сериал)(1963) - Larry Ransome
Z Cars(Сериал)(1963) - Len Wilson
The Avengers(Сериал)(1963) - Strong
The Scales of Justice(Сериал)(1963) - Bert West
Man of the World(Сериал)(1962) - Charlie West
Harpers West One(Сериал)(1962) - Joe Willett
Mix Me a Person(1962) - Insp. Wagstaffe
Jigsaw(1962) - Sgt. Gorman
Time to Remember(1962) - Sammy
Armchair Theatre(Сериал)(1960-1962) - Alan Whint / Donnie / Ben
Out of This World(Сериал)(1962) - Dr. Alan Whint
Reunion Day(1962) - Tim Anderson
Touch of Death(1961) - Maxwell
Emergency-Ward 10(Сериал)(1960-1961) - Dr. Don Nolan / Dr.Don Nolan
The Sundowners(1960) - Man at Pub / Two-Up Game (uncredited)
Deadline Midnight(Сериал)(1960) - Harris
Armchair Mystery Theatre(Сериал)(1960) - Detectve-Sergeant Cullen
Educating Archie(Сериал)(1959) - Ray
Murder Bag(Сериал)(1959)
The Adventures of Long John Silver(Сериал)(1957) - Paul
The Desperate Women(1954) - Agent


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