Жан Рено (Jean Reno)

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1948-7-30 - Casablanca, French Protectorate of Morocco [now Morocco]

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Жан Рено (Jean Reno)

Всички филми и роли на Жан Рено (Jean Reno)

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Dindim Penguin(2023) - Joao
A Private Affair(Сериал)(2022) - Héctor
Who Killed Sara?(Сериал)(2022) - Reinaldo Gómez
Promises(2021/IV) - Grandpa
All Those Things We Never Said(Сериал)(2020)
I Love You Coiffure(2020) - Le mari de Maud
Call My Agent!(Сериал)(2020) - Jean Reno
Rogue City(2020) - Ange / Divisional Commissioner
The Doorman(2020) - Victor Dubois
The Last Journey(2020) - Henri W.R
Die Hart(Сериал)(2020) - Claude Van De Velde
Da 5 Bloods(2020) - Desroche
Waiting for Anya(2020) - Grand-Pére
A Magical Journey(2019) - Screen Hologram
Cold Blood(2019) - Henry
4L(2019) - Jean Pierre
The Girl in the Fog(2017) - Augusto Flores
The Adventurers(2017) - Pierre Bissette
Family Heist(2017) - Patrick
The Promise(2016/II) - Admiral Fournet
The Little Things(Късометражен)(2016) - Jean-Pierre Bertrand
The Last Face(2016) - Dr. Mehmet Love
The Visitors: Bastille Day(2016) - Godefroy le Hardi
Brothers of the Wind(2015) - Danzer
The Squad(2015) - Serge Buren
Benedict Ironbreaker: The Red Taxis(2014) - Poilonez
Hector and the Search for Happiness(2014) - Diego Baresco
My Summer in Provence(2014) - Paul
Days and Nights(2014) - Louis
Jo(Мини Сериал)(2013) - Jo St-Clair
Alex Cross(2012) - Giles Mercier
The Day of the Crows(2012) - Le père Courge (voice)
The Dream Team(2012) - Jean Reno
The Chef(2012) - Alexandre Lagarde
You Don't Choose Your Family(2011) - Docteur Luix
Margaret(2011/I) - Ramon
The Philosopher(Късометражен)(2010) - Baggio
22 Bullets(2010) - Charly Matteï
The Roundup(2010) - Dr. David Scheinbaum
Armored(2009) - Quinn
Couples Retreat(2009) - Marcel
Ultimate Heist(2009) - Milo Malakian
The Pink Panther 2(2009) - Ponton
Cash(2008) - Maxime - Dubreuil
The Great Occasions(2006) - Antoine
Flushed Away(2006) - Le Frog (voice)
Flyboys(2006) - Capt. Thenault
The Da Vinci Code(2006) - Captain Bezu Fache
The Pink Panther(2006) - Ponton
The Tiger and the Snow(2005) - Fuad
Empire of the Wolves(2005) - Jean-Louis Schiffer
The Corsican File(2004) - Ange Leoni
Hotel Rwanda(2004) - Mr. Tillens - Sabena Airlines President (uncredited)
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege(Видео Игра)(2004) - Jacques Blanc (French) (voice)
Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse(2004) - Pierre Niemans
Ruby & Quentin(2003) - Ruby
The Lion King Read-Along(2003) - Mufasa
Jet Lag(2002) - Félix
Rollerball(2002) - Alexis Petrovich
Wasabi(2001) - Hubert Fiorentini
Just Visiting(2001) - Thibault
The Crimson Rivers(2000) - Pierre Niemans
Ronin(1998) - Vincent
Godzilla(1998/I) - Philippe Roaché
The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time(1998) - Comte Godefroy de Montmirail
dit Godefroy le Hardi
The Sun Sisters(1997) - Un spectateur
A Witch's Way of Love(1997) - Molok
Roseanna's Grave(1997) - Marcello
The Jaguar(1996) - Jean Campana
Mission: Impossible(1996) - Krieger
Beyond the Clouds(1995) - Carlo
French Kiss(1995) - Inspector Jean-Paul Cardon
Truffles(1995) - Patrick
Léon: The Professional(1994) - Leon
The Screw(Късометражен)(1993) - Monsieur K
Flight from Justice(1993) - Charlie Bert
Les visiteurs(1993) - Godefroy de Papincourt
Comte de Montmirail
Loulou Graffiti(1992) - Pique la Lune
Operation Corned Beef(1991) - Squale
The Man in the Golden Mask(1991) - Father Victorio Gaetano
Nikita(1990) - Victor nettoyeur
The Big Blue(1988) - Enzo Molinari
Mr. Benjamin(1987) - Rommin
Tomorrow the Day Will Come(1986) - Le déserteur
Zone rouge(1986) - Leccia
I Love You(1986) - Le dentiste
Tender Is the Night(Мини Сериал)(1985) - Dr. Dangen
Black Sequence(Сериал)(1985) - Christiani
Strictly Personal(1985) - Detective Villechaize
Subway(1985) - Le Batteur
A Fulfilled Man(1985) - Joël
The Telephone Always Rings Twice(1985) - L'homme de confiance de Marraine
Hold the Line(Късометражен)(1984) - Le policier
Hello Beatrice(Сериал)(1984) - Le directeur des Trépassés
Our History(1984) - A neighbour
Bloody Ballad(Късометражен)(1983)
Outward Signs of Wealth(1983) - Marc Letellier
A Few Men of Good Will(Мини Сериал)(1983)
The Last Battle(1983) - The Brute
The Passerby(1982) - Antisemit
The Penultimate(Късометражен)(1981)
Les bidasses aux grandes manoeuvres(1981) - Lieutenant Zag
We're Not Angels... Neither Are They(1981) - Le serveur restaurant chic (uncredited)
Mail from the Sky(Мини Сериал)(1980) - Moraglia
Do You Want a Nobel Baby?(1980) - Bernier
Womanlight(1979) - Le flic place de la Concorde
L'hypothèse du tableau volé(1978) - Personnage des Tableaux
One Mystery a Day(Сериал)(1974) - Deuxième cycliste

Мини Биография

Жан Рено е роден като Хуан Морено и Херера-Хименес в Казабланка, Мароко, в семейството на испански родители (от Андалусия), които се преместват в Северна Африка, за да търсят работа. Баща му е линотипист. На 17 години Рено се установява във Франция. Започва да учи драматургия и има участия във френската телевизия и театър, както и във филми. Първите му два брака завършват с развод, като от всеки от тях има по две деца. Има жилища в Париж и Лос Анджелис. - И.И. превод


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