Every Time We Say Goodbye / Всеки път си казваме сбогом

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An American flyer who joined the RAF before his country was in the war is recovering from a leg injury in Jerusalem. Through an English friend he meets a quiet Jewish girl whose close-knit family originally came from Spain. The two are attracted to each other but she is convinced their diverse backgrounds mean it could never work; not only is he a gentile, his father is a protestant minister. So though they keep running into each other in the small community, they find themselves just as frequently parting again.



Starcraft 2 Промоция в Мастър 3v3 с FrosT и VlakovBG - велики игри :)


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Bambi Bambi
2/3/2021 8:11:10 PM

The Box / Кутията
Резюмето не е за този филм.