Doing Time on Maple Drive

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Jim Carrey took on his first dramatic role in this TV drama about a white bread middle class American family and the struggles and heartaches they face in staying together. Phil and Lisa Carter are restauranteurs with three grown children: Karen, a successful writer who sacrificed her career to marry a photographer of whom her parents disapproved; Tim (Carrey), an alcoholic who dropped out of college despite his academic promise; and their youngest, Matt, upon whom the Carters rest all their hopes. Matt is a successful student at Yale and is engaged to the beautiful and rich Allison; he seems to be living up to his parents` expectations, until Allison finds a letter from one of Matt`s former lovers, who is a man. Allison leaves Matt and he goes to great, and even life-threatening, lengths to avoid coming out to his parents. When Matt`s father makes a startling discovery, however, both are forced to face up to some difficult questions surrounding Matt`s sexuality and the importance of family. Directed by "Thirtysomething" star Ken Olin, this moving family drama was nominated for several Emmy awards and sports a cast comprised of talented TV veterans, including "Northern Exposure`s" Bibi Besch, and "Full House`s" Lori Loughlin.




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