Gun Shy

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Writer-director Eric Blakeney tells the darkly comic tale of Charlie Mayough (Liam Neeson), an undercover DEA agent who narrowly escapes death at the hands of mobsters. He only wants to retire, but reluctantly agrees to close this last case. His stress leads him to group therapy, where he befriends a group of unhappy men who are dealing with their own, more mundane, job stress. Charlie also suffers from gastrointestinal problems, and while receiving a barium enema, he meets, and falls for, the quirky nurse (Sandra Bullock) who performs the unpleasant procedure. Meanwhile, his final case brings him into contact with Fulvio Nesstra (Oliver Platt, in an over-the-top comic performance), an insanely violent mobster with a surprisingly tender side. Fulvio`s secret passion is his failing tomato garden. GUN SHY breaks down the typical undercover agent yarn to uncover its psychological, and sometimes scatological, roots. Blakeney takes the outline of a typical undercover agent drama (such as the superb DONNIE BRASCO) and adds a heavy dose of quirky humor. Platt is very funny. Bullock, in a supporting role, is charming as usual. And Neeson delivers a strong performance that balances the wackiness of the script with just the right degree of gravity.




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