Джон Уелш (John Welsh)

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1914-11-7 - Wexford, Ireland

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Джон Уелш (John Welsh)

Всички филми и роли на Джон Уелш (John Welsh)

Актьор - The Deadly Recruits(1986) - Mr. Dingle
Murder: By Reason of Insanity(1985) - Salesman
Murder of a Moderate Man(Мини Сериал)(1985) - Jasper
Blott on the Landscape(Мини Сериал)(1985) - Lord Leakham
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear(1984) - Jogger
Boswell's London Journal(Мини Сериал)(1984) - The Duke of Queensberry
Cockles(Сериал)(1984) - Mr. Frinton
The Tale of Beatrix Potter(1983) - Canon Rawnsley
Krull(1983) - Seer
Let There Be Love(Сериал)(1982-1983) - Father
Crown Court(Сериал)(1983)
The Citadel(Мини Сериал)(1983) - Sir Robert Abbey
War Babies(1981)
Brideshead Revisited(Мини Сериал)(1981) - Barber
From a Far Country(1981) - Priest
Dear Teacher(1981) - Principal Vernon Thorpe
Timon of Athens(1981) - Flavius
Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama(Сериал)(1981)
The Winter's Tale(1981) - Archidamus
To Serve Them All My Days(Мини Сериал)(1980) - Cordwainer
Saint Joan(1979) - Gentleman
Play for Today(Сериал)(1975-1979) - Committee chairman / Pops / Evelyn Harrington / ...
Diary of a Nobody(Сериал)(1979) - Mr. Perkupp
Prince Regent(Мини Сериал)(1979) - Dr. Gisbourne
Americathon(1979) - Ben
The Brontë Sisters(1979)
Oresteia(Мини Сериал)(1979) - 2nd Old Man
Thomas and Sarah(Сериал)(1979) - Mr. Chater
The Thirty Nine Steps(1978) - Lord Belthane
The Norseman(1978) - Norseman
Maneaters Are Loose!(1978) - George Leppard
Wives & Lovers(Сериал)(1978) - Desk Sergeant
Rumpole of the Bailey(Сериал)(1978) - C. H. Wystan
ITV Playhouse(Сериал)(1968-1978) - Dr. Welsh / Director / J. G. Westcott
Grayeagle(1977) - Lum Stroud
The Duchess of Duke Street(Сериал)(1976-1977) - Merriman
The XYY Man(Сериал)(1976) - Under Secretary
Bless This House(Сериал)(1976) - Magistrate
When the Boat Comes In(Сериал)(1976) - Lord Calderbeck
Kizzy(Сериал)(1976) - Admiral Twiss
The Main Chance(Сериал)(1972-1975) - Sir Stephen Kirwin / James Renshaw
Edward the King(Мини Сериал)(1975) - Duke of Wellington
South Riding(Мини Сериал)(1974) - Lord Sedgmire
Omnibus(Сериал)(Документална поредица)(1974) - Swaffer
Affairs of the Heart(Сериал)(1974) - Chivers
Justice(Сериал)(1973-1974) - Alastair Coates / Presiding Judge
Napoleon and Love(Мини Сериал)(1974) - Corvisart
Fall of Eagles(Мини Сериал)(1974) - Archbishop
The Brothers(Сериал)(1972-1974) - Mr. Cassell
If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them(1974) - The Judge
A Story of Tutankhamun(1973) - Grandfather
BBC Play of the Month(Сериал)(1973) - Mr. Balance
Yellow Dog(1973) - Bewsley
Wessex Tales(Мини Сериал)(1973) - Dairyman
ITV Saturday Night Theatre(Сериал)(1972-1973) - Johnny / Doctor Hewitson / Judge Millhouse
The Adventures of Black Beauty(Сериал)(1973) - Woolgar
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club(Мини Сериал)(1973) - Mr. Murbles
Public Eye(Сериал)(1973) - Cobden Felcourt
The Edwardians(Мини Сериал)(1972) - Mr. Justice Hawkins
Country Matters(Сериал)(1972) - Fergus McDowall
The Frighteners(Сериал)(1972) - Cartwright
Villains(Сериал)(1972) - Dr. Glazebrook
The Pied Piper(1972) - Chancellor
The Shadow of the Tower(Сериал)(1972) - Sir John Kendal
The Moonstone(Сериал)(1972) - Sergeant Cuff
The Runaway Summer(Мини Сериал)(1971) - Grandfather
Me Mammy(Сериал)(1971) - Father Columba
The Ten Commandments(Сериал)(1971) - Rev. Martindale
Catweazle(Сериал)(1971) - Colonel Dickenson
Little Women(Мини Сериал)(1970) - Mr. Laurence
Confession(Сериал)(1970) - Mr. Walsh
The Man Who Haunted Himself(1970) - Sir Charles Freeman
Cromwell(1970) - Bishop Juxon
Codename(Сериал)(1970) - Mallory
On Trial(Мини Сериал)(1970) - Defence Lawyer
Oh Brother!(Сериал)(1969) - Father McAvoy
Journey Into Darkness(1968) - Bart Brereton (episode 'Paper Dolls')
Subterfuge(1968) - Heiner
Journey to the Unknown(Сериал)(1968) - Bart Brereton
Mystery and Imagination(Сериал)(1968) - Austin Ruthyn
Half Hour Story(Сериал)(1968) - George
Mr. Rose(Сериал)(1968) - Vincent Pelling
Comedy Playhouse(Сериал)(1968) - Father John
Attack on the Iron Coast(1968) - Admiral of the Fleet Lord William Cansley
Detective(Сериал)(1968) - Inspector Rason
Virgin of the Secret Service(Сериал)(1968) - Dermot O'Rourke
City '68(Сериал)(1967-1968) - Alderman Laycock / Rupert Laycock
Vanity Fair(Мини Сериал)(1967) - Sir Pitt Crawley
The Gamblers(Сериал)(1967) - Grant
Inheritance(Сериал)(1967) - Joth Bamforth / Henry Bamforth
Misleading Cases(Сериал)(1967) - Mr. Justice Adder
The Forsyte Saga(Сериал)(1967) - James Forsyte
Softly Softly(Сериал)(1966-1967) - Asst. Chief Constable William Calderwood / William Calderwood
The Revenue Men(Сериал)(1967) - Locker
The Jokers(1967) - Magistrate (uncredited)
Insurrection(Мини Сериал)(1966) - James Stephens
Rasputin: The Mad Monk(1966) - The Abbot
Secret Agent(Сериал)(1964-1966) - Ross / Emmerson / British First Secretary Forbes / ...
ITV Play of the Week(Сериал)(1957-1966) - Ernest Lindley / Cardinal of Milan / Noag van Wyk / ...
Dead End Creek(Сериал)(1965) - Paddy
Here's Harry(Сериал)(1965)
The Flying Swan(Сериал)(1965) - Leslie Rhodes
Londoners(Сериал)(1965) - Sir Robert Chandler
The Mind of the Enemy(Мини Сериал)(1965) - General Fairside
Story Parade(Сериал)(1965) - Mike Garland
Emergency-Ward 10(Сериал)(1965) - Prof. Jenkins
Front Page Story(Сериал)(1965) - Robert Vernon
Z Cars(Сериал)(1962-1964) - Mr. Hulme / Dr. Mark Spencer
The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling(Сериал)(1964) - Sir Edward Lidyard
Redcap(Сериал)(1964) - C.O.
Festival(Сериал)(1964) - General / Aegeon
a merchant of Syracuse
Theatre 625(Сериал)(1964) - Hugo
Nightmare(1964) - Doctor
BBC Sunday-Night Play(Сериал)(1960-1963) - Mr. Woodbridge / Commander Dackson / Matthew Claybourne / ...
The Last Man Out(Сериал)(1962) - Colonel von Hertz
Young and Willing(1962) - Publican
Katy(Сериал)(1962) - Dr. Carr
The Quare Fellow(1962) - Carroll
Fog for a Killer(1962) - Governor
Walk in the Shadow(1962) - Marshall
Ghost Squad(Сериал)(1962) - Professor Wallace
Lisa(1962) - Agriculture Officer
Go to Blazes(1962) - Chief Fire Officer
Number Six(1962) - Assistant Commissioner
The Playboy of the Western World(1962) - Philly Cullen
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre(Сериал)(1962) - Assistant Commissioner
Stryker of the Yard(Сериал)(1962) - Jed
Deadline Midnight(Сериал)(1961) - Bill Mostyn
Sir Francis Drake(Сериал)(1961) - Governor Walters
Johnny Nobody(1961) - Judge
Francis of Assisi(1961) - Canon Cattanei
Design for Murder(1961) - Det. Insp. Hughes
The Square Mile Murder(Късометражен)(1961) - Superintendent Hicks
The Truth About Billy Newton(1961) - Billy Newton
Konga(1961) - Commissioner Garland
The Mark(1961) - 1st plain clothes officer
Snowball(1960) - Ted Wylie
Circle of Deception(1960) - Major Taylor
Follow That Horse!(1960) - Major Turner
The Trials of Oscar Wilde(1960) - Cafe Royal Manager
No Hiding Place(Сериал)(1960) - Rees-Jones
Hancock's Half Hour(Сериал)(1960) - Police sergeant
Beyond the Curtain(1960) - Turner
The Four Just Men(Сериал)(1960) - Moffat
The Men from Room 13(Сериал)(1959-1960) - Supt. Halcro
Interpol Calling(Сериал)(1960) - Mr. Carey
Portrait of a Sinner(1959) - Dr. Thompson
Make Mine a Double(1959) - Squadron Leader Grant
Bobbikins(1959) - Admiral
Operation Bullshine(1959) - Brigadier
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre(Сериал)(1954-1959) - Mooney / Dean Peyramale / Stage Manager / ...
Boyd Q.C.(Сериал)(1959) - Sgt. Bolton
Room at the Top(1958) - Mayor (uncredited)
Nowhere to Go(1958) - Second Mr. Dodds (uncredited)
Behind the Mask(1958) - Colonel Langley
She Didn't Say No!(1958) - Inspector
Queen's Champion(Мини Сериал)(1958) - Lord Burleigh
Next to No Time(1958) - Steve
Bar Steward
Indiscreet(1958) - Passport Official (uncredited)
The Revenge of Frankenstein(1958) - Bergman
Dunkirk(1958) - Staff Colonel
The Safecracker(1958) - Inspector Owing
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk(1958) - George Fraser
Flight of the Dove(1957) - Sir David Anderson
The Birthday Present(1957) - Customs Officer
The Surgeon's Knife(1957) - Insp. Austen
ITV Television Playhouse(Сериал)(1957) - superintendant Cassels
Violent Stranger(1957/II) - Inspector Hunt
Lucky Jim(1957) - The Principal (as John Welch)
The Long Haul(1957) - Doctor
The Gay Cavalier(Сериал)(1957) - Blackwell
Brothers in Law(1957) - Mr. Justice Fanshawe
Assignment Foreign Legion(Сериал)(1957) - Minister of Colonies
The Secret Place(1957) - Mr. Christian (uncredited)
The Counterfeit Plan(1957) - Police Insp. Grant
Armchair Theatre(Сериал)(1956) - Laurence Manfred
The Third Key(1956) - House Agent at Shepperton
Blonde Bait(1956) - Prison Chaplain (uncredited)
Women Without Men(1956) - Chaplain
The Man in the Road(1956) - George White - the Gamekeeper
Tales from Soho(Сериал)(1956) - Chief Detective Inspector Charlesworth / Det. Chief Insp. Charlesworth
The Man Who Never Was(1956) - Bank Manager (uncredited)
Tears for Simon(1956) - Police Scientist (uncredited)
Three Empty Rooms(1955) - Mr. Sweeney
The Running Tide(1955) - The Rector
The Deadliest Sin(1955) - Father Neil
Track the Man Down(1955) - 'Smiling' Sam (uncredited)
The Dark Avenger(1955) - Gurd
Rheingold Theatre(Сериал)(1953-1955) - George Greaves / Inspector / Mr. Tennant
Contraband Spain(1955) - Senior Customs Officer (uncredited)
The Laughing Lady(1955) - Mr. Burling
Race for Life(1954) - Priest (uncredited)
The Divided Heart(1954) - Chief Marshall
Diplomatic Passport(1954) - U.S.A Embassy Official
An Inspector Calls(1954) - Shop Walker
The Clue of the Missing Ape(1953) - Army Intelligence Officer
Uncle Willie's Bicycle Shop(1953) - Uncle James
Mr. Dooley
Jnr.(1953) - Mr. Dooley
The Accused(1953) - Mr. Tennant
The Twelfth Brother(1952) - Pharaoh's butler


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