Филип Грейнджър (Philip Granger)

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1964-3-2 - Vancouver, Canada

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Всички филми на Филип Грейнджър (Philip Granger)

Всички филми и роли на Филип Грейнджър (Philip Granger)

Актьор - Used Mercs - Pep the bartender
Grendel(Сериал) - Captain Jon Billick
Walk with Me(Късометражен) - Marv
Where Darkness Lies(Късометражен)(2019) - Sam
A.T.A.C.K(Късометражен)(2022) - Primo
Bullet Proof(2022) - Vic
Charmed(Сериал)(2022) - Sal
Cosmic Dawn(2022) - Dieter
Maid(Мини Сериал)(2021) - Howie Poascencia
Shall We Play?(2020) - Bob
Batwoman(Сериал)(2020) - Coach Kurt Donahue
Upload(Сериал)(2020) - Uncle Larry
When Calls the Heart(Сериал)(2020) - Donny Edmonds
Best Laid Schemes(Късометражен)(2020) - McPhee
A.M.I.(2019) - Greg (as Phil Granger)
The Great Buddha Arrival(2018) - US President
Woodland(2018/IV) - Sparky
Rachel(Сериал)(2018) - Joe
Pumpkin(Късометражен)(2018) - Daren Foley (as Phillip Granger)
Ghost Wars(Сериал)(2017-2018) - Winston
Unintentional Mother(Късометражен)(2017) - Guy (uncredited)
Juggernaut(2017/II) - Sheriff
The Samaritan(Късометражен)(2017/II) - Foreman
Monster Trucks(2016) - Used Car Lot Owner (as Phil Granger)
Arrow(Сериал)(2016) - Fred
Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story(2016) - Weathersby
Dark Harvest(2016) - Det. Harvey Stansfield
On the Farm(2016) - Inspector Garvey (as Phil Granger)
I Didn't Kill My Sister(2016) - Wayne Hamilton (as Phil Granger)
Lucifer(Сериал)(2016) - Louie Delgado
Never Steady
Never Still(Късометражен)(2015) - Larry
Baiting the Abductors(Късометражен)(2015) - Suport Group Leader
Once Upon a Time(Сериал)(2015) - Landlord
The Driftless Area(2015) - Herbicide Store Owner
The Starlight Heist(Късометражен)(2015) - Doctor Rohmman
The Corpse and the Courier(Късометражен)(2015) - Enright
Strange Empire(Сериал)(2015) - Travis Teadle
Devil's Time(2014) - Priest
Big Muddy(2014) - Darryl Jenkins
Lonesome Dove Church(2014) - Pastor Simmons
The Killing(Сериал)(2013-2014) - Tim Jablonski
Pour Retourner(Късометражен)(2014) - Gangster
Toxin(2014) - Colonel Donald Magnusson
Leave Us Alone(Късометражен)(2013) - Sheriff (as Phil Granger)
Rogue(Сериал)(2013) - Joe
Bad Seeds(Сериал)(2013) - Ed Kashahari
Chained(Късометражен)(2012/III) - Odyseus
Forced to Fight(2011) - Detective Lt Fortinski
Comforting Skin(2011) - Allan (as Phil Granger)
True Justice(Сериал)(2011) - Charlie
Fairly Legal(Сериал)(2011) - Carl Roth
Camp Goodtimes(Късометражен)(2010) - Walt
Caprica(Сериал)(2010) - Tanner
Forever Hold Your Piece(Късометражен)(2010) - Robert (as Phil Granger)
V(Сериал)(2010) - Henry Thompson
Tucker and Dale vs Evil(2010) - Sheriff
Bush Party Yeah(Късометражен)(2009)
Mail Order Bride(2008) - Association Rancher
Kill Switch(2008) - Captain Jensen
The Abused(Късометражен)(2008) - Andrew's Father
Stones in a Cathouse(Късометражен)(2008) - Bad John (as Phil Granger)
Nightmare at the End of the Hall(2008) - Larry
Behind the Roses(Късометражен)(2008) - Henry Dupont
Unthinkable(2007) - Glen Dasher
Supernatural(Сериал)(2007) - Manager
Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes'(2006) - Manager
Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone(2006) - Wes Cash (as Phillip Granger)
Long Lost Son(2006) - Ronnie
The Dead Zone(Сериал)(2006) - Security Guard Magruder
Past Sins(2006) - DA Will Crawford
Broken Trail(Мини Сериал)(2006) - Chuck Hyde
Meltdown: Days of Destruction(2006) - Frank
Paper Moon Affair(2005) - Bill / father
Premonition(2005) - Agent Brown
Secret Lives(2005) - Sheriff Knowles
The Deal(2005) - Jerome Halliday
Marker(2005) - Joe
Fatal Reunion(2005) - Detective Weber
The Colt(2005) - Leander Calloway
The Keeper(2004) - Lt. Stone (as Phillip Granger)
Deadly Visions(2004) - Lt. Austin Burke (as Phil Granger)
Shelf Life(2004/I) - Wino
Killer Instinct(Късометражен)(2004) - Driver's Father (as Phil Granger)
The Collector(Сериал)(2004) - Gennaro
The Edge(Късометражен)(2003)
Lightning: Bolts of Destruction(2003) - Dr. Orin Samuels
Moving Malcolm(2003) - Guy in Car
Little Brother of War(2003) - Sheriff Bowman
Dead Like Me(Сериал)(2003) - Guy
The Barber(2002) - Levi
No Night Is Too Long(2002) - Fergus McKenzie
Taken(Мини Сериал)(2002) - Irish Dave on Train
Tom Stone(Сериал)(2002) - Pokey
Flower & Garnet(2002) - Fred
Untold(2002) - Winston Burg (as Phil Granger)
Off Season(2001) - Mr. Murchison
The Shipment(2001) - Jack
Mysterious Ways(Сериал)(2001) - Jack
Wind at My Back(Сериал)(1999-2001) - Eddy Jackson / Eddie Jackson
Lunch with Charles(2001) - Charles
Cold Squad(Сериал)(2000) - John Cord
Code Name: Eternity(Сериал)(2000) - Dr. Tremblay
The Thin Blue Lie(2000) - John Reilly
MVP: Most Valuable Primate(2000) - Mark Westover
The Virginian(2000) - Ben
Secret of Giving(1999) - Bull Thatcher
Convergence(1999) - Jack Potts (as Phil Granger)
Genius(1999) - Coach Addison
A Twist of Faith(1999) - Jenson
Total Recall 2070(Сериал)(1999) - Ray Beatty
Ultimate Deception(1999) - Frank McThomas
Dead Man's Gun(Сериал)(1997-1998) - Sheriff Tom Crocker / Walter Huggins
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal(Сериал)(1998) - Manny Keeler
Due South(Сериал)(1998) - Tim Kelly
Masterminds(1997) - Happy Boy #3 (as Phillip Granger)
North of 60(Сериал)(1997) - Cam McLean
To Brave Alaska(1996) - Mike McCarthy
Poltergeist: The Legacy(Сериал)(1996) - Charles Banyon
Listen(1996) - Max
Underworld(1996) - Villa Essex Man #3
The Outer Limits(Сериал)(1996) - Calvin Taylor
White Tiger(1996) - Captain McGuire
A Kidnapping in the Family(1996) - Deputy
The Cold Heart of a Killer(1996)
The Final Cut(1995) - Barron
The Marshal(Сериал)(1995) - Sloe Joe Fizz
Broken Trust(1995) - Agent Sanchez
Falling from the Sky: Flight 174(1995) - Phil Lyons
Madison(Сериал)(1993-1994) - Coach Kolaski
Neon Rider(Сериал)(1991-1994) - Walt / Mupache
Lonesome Dove: The Series(Мини Сериал)(1994) - Tecktor Ross
M.A.N.T.I.S.(Сериал)(1994) - Pete McLain
Double Cross(1994) - Mike / Cop
Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges(1994) - Wayne Hughes
Breaking Point(1994) - Larry Gravis
Destiny Ridge(Сериал)(1993) - Frank Kubolek
The Commish(Сериал)(1992-1993) - Chicken Joint Manager / Wayne Patrick
Jack's Place(Сериал)(1993)
The Amy Fisher Story(1993) - Williams
Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster(1992) - 3rd Mate Greg Cousins - Tanker 'Exxon Valdez'
To the Moon
Alice(Късометражен)(1990) - Mike (as Phil Granger)
To Die For(1988) - Detective Bocco
Bad Dreams(1988) - Unity Member #4
Martini Ranch: Reach(1988) - Philip Granger
Slam Dance(1987) - George
Quicksilver(1986) - Hairdresser (uncredited)
CHiPs(Сериал)(1983) - Hank
Reckless(1983) - Matt

Режисьор: To Be Like You(2019)
The Cargo(2017)
The Privileged(2017)
Téssera Tales of Joseph(2015)
Bad Building(2015)
Camp Goodtimes(2010)
Speed Dating(2009/III)
Experience Hope(2009)
Suicide Club(2009)
Bush Party Yeah(2009)
Street Life(2009)
The Arrival(2009/II)
The Abused(2008)
Black Harvest(2008)


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