Кейн О'Кийф (Henry Hull)

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1890-10-3 - Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Кейн О'Кийф (Henry Hull)

Всички филми и роли на Кейн О'Кийф (Henry Hull)

Актьор - The Chase(1966) - Mr. Briggs
The Fool Killer(1965) - Dirty Jim Jelliman
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters(Сериал)(1963) - Abel Menifee
Laramie(Сериал)(1960-1963) - David Franklin / Ben Parkison
Alcoa Premiere(Сериал)(1962) - Robert Bruce Maclean
Master of the World(1961) - Prudent
Play of the Week(Сериал)(1961) - Pop
The Best of the Post(Сериал)(1961) - Quimbey
Outlaws(Сериал)(1961) - Jeb Woods
Wagon Train(Сериал)(1959-1961) - Mark Applewhite / Gideon Banning / Obediah Finch
Route 66(Сериал)(1960) - Amery Gant
Bonanza(Сериал)(1960) - Charlie Trent / Sheriff B. Banneman Brown
Goodyear Theatre(Сериал)(1960) - Ansel Pryor
Zane Grey Theatre(Сериал)(1960) - Hutch Wallace
U.S. Marshal(Сериал)(1959) - Sheriff Pat Patterson
The Oregon Trail(1959) - George Seton
The Restless Gun(Сериал)(1959) - Matt Harper / Doc Kemmer / Jesse McKee
Naked City(Сериал)(1959) - Alky
Playhouse 90(Сериал)(1958-1959) - Victor Bishop / Old Henry
Trackdown(Сериал)(1958) - Moss
The Buccaneer(1958) - Ezra Peavey
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw(1958) - Doc Masters
Bitter Heritage(1958) - Old Henry
The Proud Rebel(1958) - Judge Morley
The Buckskin Lady(1957) - Doc Medley
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour(Сериал)(1956) - Mr. Finchley
Star Tonight(Сериал)(1956)
Climax!(Сериал)(1956) - Abel Kirsch
Man with the Gun(1955) - Marshal Lee Sims
Windows(Сериал)(1955) - the Clown
Kentucky Rifle(1955) - Preacher Bently
Appointment with Adventure(Сериал)(1955) - Paul
You Are There(Сериал)(1955) - Randolph McCoy
The United States Steel Hour(Сериал)(1955) - Captain Lasher
The Ray Milland Show(Сериал)(1954) - Professor Black
Center Stage(Сериал)(1954)
The Motorola Television Hour(Сериал)(1954)
Campbell Summer Soundstage(Сериал)(1954)
The Web(Сериал)(1953-1954)
Thunder Over the Plains(1953) - Lt. Col. Chandler
Inferno(1953) - Sam Elby
The Last Posse(1953) - Ollie Stokely
Your Favorite Story(Сериал)(1953) - Librarian
Lux Video Theatre(Сериал)(1952) - Brig. Gen. William Elred / Jason W. Finchley
Suspense(Сериал)(1951-1952) - Sheriff
Armstrong Circle Theatre(Сериал)(1951-1952) - Domenico
The Treasure of Lost Canyon(1952) - Cousin Lucius Cooke
Lights Out(Сериал)(1951) - Henry Potts
Starlight Theatre(Сериал)(1951)
Hollywood Story(1951) - Vincent St. Clair
The Ford Theatre Hour(Сериал)(1950-1951) - Julian Northrup
The Return of Jesse James(1950) - Hank Younger
Song of Surrender(1949) - Deacon Parry
The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre(Сериал)(1949)
The Great Dan Patch(1949) - Dan Palmer
The Great Gatsby(1949) - Dan Cody
The Fountainhead(1949) - Henry Cameron
Colorado Territory(1949) - Fred Winslow
Rimfire(1949) - Nathaniel Greeley
El Paso(1949) - Judge Henry Jeffers
Portrait of Jennie(1948) - Eke
Fighter Squadron(1948) - Brig. Gen. Mike McCready
Belle Starr's Daughter(1948) - The Old Marshal (uncredited)
The Walls of Jericho(1948) - Jefferson Norman
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!(1948) - Milt Dominy
On Our Merry Way(1948) - Dying Man (deleted sequence) (uncredited)
Mourning Becomes Electra(1947) - Seth Beckwith
Deep Valley(1947) - Cliff Saul
High Barbaree(1947) - Dr. William G. Brooke
Burma!(1945) - Mark Williams
Sweetheart(1944) - Jeff Parker
Lifeboat(1944) - Charles J. Rittenhouse
The Woman of the Town(1943) - Inky Wilkinson
Seeds of Freedom(1943) - Guerilla leader
The West Side Kid(1943) - Sam Winston
High Sierra(1941) - 'Doc' Banton
The Return of Frank James(1940) - Major Rufus Cobb
My Son
My Son!(1940) - Dermot O'Riorden
Nick Carter
Master Detective(1939) - John A. Keller
Bad Little Angel(1939) - Red Wilks
Judge Hardy and Son(1939) - Dr. Jones
Babes in Arms(1939) - Madox
Miracles for Sale(1939) - Dave Duvallo
Stanley and Livingstone(1939) - James Gordon Bennett Jr.
The Return of the Cisco Kid(1939) - Colonel Joshua Bixby
The Spirit of Culver(1939) - Doc Allen
Jesse James(1939) - Maj. Rufus Cobb
The Great Waltz(1938) - Franz Josef
Boys Town(1938) - Dave Morris
Port of Seven Seas(1938) - Uncle Elzear (uncredited)
Three Comrades(1938) - Dr. Becker
Yellow Jack(1938) - Dr. Jesse Lazear
Paradise for Three(1938) - Sepp
Werewolf of London(1935) - Dr. Wilfred Glendon
Transient Lady(1935) - Sen. Hamp Baxter
Great Expectations(1934) - Abel Magwitch
Famous Scenes from Pagliacci(Късометражен)(1934) - Pagliacci
Midnight(1934) - Nolan
Matinee Idle(Късометражен)(1930) - Frank - the Actor
The Wrongdoers(1925) - Jimmy Nolan
Wasted Lives(1925)
For Woman's Favor(1924) - The Fool / The Lover
The Hoosier Schoolmaster(1924) - Ralph Hartsook
Roulette(1924) - Jimmy Moore
A Bride for a Knight(1923) - Jimmy Poe
The Last Moment(1923) - Hercules Napolean Cameron
One Exciting Night(1922) - John Fairfax
Tom's Little Star(Късометражен)(1919)
Little Women(1918) - John Brooke
The Volunteer(1917) - Jonathan Mendenhall
the Black Monk(1917) - Kerensky
The Family Honor(1917) - Anthony Wayne
A Square Deal(1917) - Mark Dunbar


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