Мариан Марш (Marian Marsh)

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1913-10-17 - Trinidad, British West Indies [now Trinidad and Tobago]

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Всички филми на Мариан Марш (Marian Marsh)

Всички филми и роли на Мариан Марш (Marian Marsh)

Актриса - Bachelor Father(Сериал)(1958) - Mary Finletter
Schlitz Playhouse(Сериал)(1957)
House of Errors(1942) - Florence Randall
Gentleman from Dixie(1941) - Margaret Terrill
Murder by Invitation(1941) - Nora O'Brien
Fugitive from a Prison Camp(1940) - Ann Baldwin
Missing Daughters(1939) - Josie Lamonte
A Desperate Adventure(1938) - Ann Carrington
Prison Nurse(1938) - Judy
Saturday's Heroes(1937) - Frances Thomas
Youth on Parole(1937) - Bonnie Blair
The Great Gambini(1937) - Ann Randall
When's Your Birthday?(1937) - Jerry Grant
Come Closer
Folks(1936) - Peggy Woods
The Man Who Lived Twice(1936) - Janet Haydon
Counterfeit(1936) - Verna Maxwell
Lady of Secrets(1936) - Joan
Crime and Punishment(1935) - Sonya
The Black Room(1935) - Thea Hassel
Unknown Woman(1935) - Helen Griffith
In Spite of Danger(1935) - Sally Sullivan
A Girl of the Limberlost(1934) - Elnora Comstock
The Prodigal Son(1934) - Miß Lilian Williams
Over the Garden Wall(1934) - Mary
I Like It That Way(1934) - Joan Anderson
The Girl Thief(1934) - Juliet
A Man of Sentiment(1933) - Julia Wilkens
Notorious But Nice(1933) - Jenny Jones
Daring Daughters(1933) - Terry Cummings
The Eleventh Commandment(1933) - Corinne Ross
The Sport Parade(1932) - Irene Stewart
Strange Justice(1932) - Rose Abbott
Beauty and the Boss(1932) - Susie Sachs
Alias the Doctor(1932) - Lotti Brenner
Under Eighteen(1931) - Margie Evans
The Mad Genius(1931) - Nana Carlova
Five Star Final(1931) - Jenny Townsend
The Road to Singapore(1931) - Rene March
Svengali(1931) - Trilby O'Farrell
The Naughty Flirt(1930) - Kay's Friend (uncredited)
Whoopee!(1930) - Harriett Underwood (uncredited)
Hell's Angels(1930) - Girl Selling Kisses (as Marilyn Morgan)
Don't Believe It(Късометражен)(1930)
The Sophomore(1929) - Co-Ed (uncredited)


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