Антъни Бушел (Anthony Bushell)

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1904-5-19 - Westerham, Kent, England, UK

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Антъни Бушел (Anthony Bushell)

Всички филми и роли на Антъни Бушел (Anthony Bushell)

Актьор - Drama 61-67(Сериал)(1964) - Lt. Gen. Priest
The Sentimental Agent(Сериал)(1963) - Major Nelson
Sir Francis Drake(Сериал)(1961) - Tom Doughty
The Queen's Guards(1961) - Major Cole
Danger Man(Сериал)(1961) - Lotsbeyer
Desert Mice(1959) - Plunkett
The Invisible Man(Сериал)(1959) - General Martin
The Four Just Men(Сериал)(1959) - Colonel Cyril Bacon
The Hill(1959) - Centurion
Quatermass and the Pit(Мини Сериал)(1958-1959) - Colonel James Breen
A Night to Remember(1958) - Capt. Arthur Rostron
The Wind Cannot Read(1958) - The Brigadier
Robert's Wife(1957) - The Rev. Robert Carson
Bitter Victory(1957) - General Paterson
Pursuit of the Graf Spee(1956) - Mr. Millington Drake - British Minister
Bhowani Junction(1956) - Lanson (uncredited)
The Black Tent(1956) - Ambassador Baring
The Purple Plain(1954) - Group Captain Aldridge
The Black Knight(1954) - King Arthur
Paratrooper(1953) - General Whiting
The Passionate Sentry(1952) - Major Guy Ashley
High Treason(1951) - Maj. John Elliott
The Long Dark Hall(1951) - Clive Bedford
The Miniver Story(1950) - Dr. Kaneslaey
The Angel with the Trumpet(1950) - Baron Hugo Traun
Hour of Glory(1949) - Col. Strang
Hamlet(1948) - Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
For Those in Peril(1944)
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery(1939) - John Doyce
The Lion Has Wings(1939) - Pilot
Murder on the Second Floor(1939) - Hugh Bromilow
The Rebel's Son(1938) - Andrei Bulba
The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel(1937) - Sir Andrew Ffoulkes
The Angelus(1937) - Brian Ware
Troopship(1937) - Roddy Hammond
Dark Journey(1937) - Bob Carter
Hideout in the Alps(1936) - Inspector Forsyth
Admirals All(1935) - Flag Lt. Steve Langham
Lilies of the Field(1935) - Guy Mallory
The Scarlet Pimpernel(1934) - Sir Andrew Ffoulkes
Forbidden Territory(1934) - Rex Farrington
The Girl Thief(1934) - Bill
Red Wagon(1933) - Toby Griffiths
Crime on the Hill(1933) - Tony Fields
Channel Crossing(1933) - Peter Bradley
I Was a Spy(1933) - Otto
The Ghoul(1933) - Ralph Morlant
The Woman in Command(1933) - Lt. Ronald Jamieson
Midshipmaid Gob(1932) - Lt. Valentine
Sally Bishop(1932) - Bart
The Silver Greyhound(1932) - Gerald Varrick
Escapade(1932) - Philip Whitney
Vanity Fair(1932) - Dobbin
Shop Angel(1932) - Larry Pemberton
A Woman Commands(1932) - Lt. Iwan Petrovitch
Expensive Women(1931) - Arthur Raymond
How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots'(Късометражен)(1931) - Tony Bushell (uncredited)
Five Star Final(1931) - Phillip Weeks
Chances(1931) - Tom Ingleside
Born to Love(1931) - Leslie Darrow
The Royal Bed(1931) - Freddie Granton
Three Faces East(1930) - Capt. Arthur Chamberlain
The Flirting Widow(1930) - Bobby
Journey's End(1930) - 2nd Lt. Hibbert
Lovin' the Ladies(1930) - Brooks - the Butler
Show of Shows(1929) - Performer in 'Henry VI' Sequence (uncredited)
Disraeli(1929) - Charles

Режисьор: The Scales of Justice(1962)
The Saint(1962)
Man of the World(1962)
Sir Francis Drake(1961)
The Terror of the Tongs(1961)
Danger Man(1960-1961)
Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years(1960)
The Third Man(1959-1960)
The Four Just Men(1959-1960)
The Long Dark Hall(1951)
The Angel with the Trumpet(1950)


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