Ема Дън (Emma Dunn)

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1874-2-26 - Cheshire, England, UK

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Всички филми на Ема Дън (Emma Dunn)

Всички филми и роли на Ема Дън (Emma Dunn)

Актриса - The Woman in White(1948) - Mrs. Vesey
Mourning Becomes Electra(1947) - Mrs. Borden
Life with Father(1947) - Margaret
Night Train to Memphis(1946) - Ma Acuff
The Hoodlum Saint(1946) - Maggie
Irish Eyes Are Smiling(1944) - Mother Machree (uncredited)
My Buddy(1944) - Mary Ballinger
Are These Our Parents?(1944) - Ma Henderson
It Happened Tomorrow(1944) - Mrs. Keaver (uncredited)
Prices Unlimited(Късометражен)(1944) - Allotment Mother (uncredited)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey(1944) - Doña Mercedes
The Cross of Lorraine(1943) - Mme. Marchand (uncredited)
Minesweeper(1943) - Mom Smith
The North Star(1943)
Hoosier Holiday(1943) - Molly Baker
When Johnny Comes Marching Home(1942) - Ma (Norah) Flanagan
I Married a Witch(1942) - Wife of Justice of the Peace
The Talk of the Town(1942) - Mrs. Shelley
The Postman Didn't Ring(1942) - Martha Carter
The Mad Martindales(1942) - Agnes
Babes on Broadway(1941) - Mrs. Williams
Rise and Shine(1941) - Mrs. Murray
Ladies in Retirement(1941) - Sister Theresa
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day(1941) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Scattergood Meets Broadway(1941) - Mirandy Baines
Scattergood Pulls the Strings(1941) - Mirandy Baines
The Penalty(1941) - 'Ma' McCormick
Scattergood Baines(1941) - Mirandy Baines
The Monster and the Girl(1941) - Aunt Della (uncredited)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith(1941) - Martha
The Great Dictator(1940) - Mrs. Jaeckel
Yesterday's Heroes(1940) - Aunt Winnie
Dr. Kildare Goes Home(1940) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Dance(1940) - Mrs. Simpson
One Crowded Night(1940) - Ma
You Can't Fool Your Wife(1940) - Mother Fields
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case(1940) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Half a Sinner(1940) - Granny Gladden
Little Orvie(1940) - Mrs. Welty
High School(1940) - Mrs. O'Neill
The Llano Kid(1939) - Doña Teresa
The Secret of Dr. Kildare(1939) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Hero for a Day(1939) - Emmy 'Moms' Dunn
Each Dawn I Die(1939) - Mrs. Ross
Calling Dr. Kildare(1939) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Son of Frankenstein(1939) - Amelia
The Duke of West Point(1938) - Mrs. West
Thanks for the Memory(1938/II) - Mrs. Platt
The Cowboy and the Lady(1938) - Ma Hawkins
Young Dr. Kildare(1938) - Mrs. Martha Kildare
Three Loves Has Nancy(1938) - Mrs. Briggs
The Crowd Roars(1938) - Laura McCoy (uncredited)
Cowboy from Brooklyn(1938) - Ma Hardy
Lord Jeff(1938) - Mrs. Briggs
Madame X(1937) - Rose
Varsity Show(1937) - Mrs. Smith
Hideaway(1937) - Emma Peterson
The Emperor's Candlesticks(1937) - Anna - Olga's Housekeeper
Waikiki Wedding(1937) - Mrs. Marvin (uncredited)
Circus Girl(1937) - Molly
When You're in Love(1937) - Mrs. Hamilton
Second Wife(1936) - Mrs. Brown
The Harvester(1936) - Granny Moreland
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town(1936) - Mrs. Meredith (uncredited)
Seven Keys to Baldpate(1935) - Mrs. Quimby
Another Face(1935) - Sheila's Mother (uncredited)
This Is the Life(1935) - Mrs. Davis
Little Big Shot(1935) - Orphanage Matron
The Crusades(1935) - Alan's Mother (uncredited)
The Keeper of the Bees(1935) - Margaret Campbell
Ladies Crave Excitement(1935) - Mrs. Phelan
The Glass Key(1935) - 'Mom' Madvig
George White's 1935 Scandals(1935) - Aunt Jane
Flirtation(1934) - Mrs. Poole
Dr. Monica(1934) - Mrs. Monahan
The Quitter(1934) - Cordelia Tilford
Dark Hazard(1934) - Mrs. Mayhew
Walls of Gold(1933) - Mrs. Satterlee (replaced by Margaret Seddon) (scenes deleted)
A Man of Sentiment(1933) - Mrs. John Russell Sr.
It's Great to Be Alive(1933) - Mrs. Wilton
the Great(1933) - Mrs. Kane
Private Jones(1933) - Mrs. Jones
Grand Slam(1933) - Sob Sister (uncredited)
Hard to Handle(1933) - Mrs. Hawks (uncredited)
Blessed Event(1932) - Mrs. Roberts
Letty Lynton(1932) - Mrs. Darrow
Jerry's Mother
When a Feller Needs a Friend(1932) - Charity Lady (uncredited)
It's Tough to Be Famous(1932) - 'Moms' McClenahan
The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood(1932) - Mrs. Sarah Cohen
The Wet Parade(1932) - Mrs. Chilcote
Hell's House(1932) - Emma Clark
Broken Lullaby(1932) - Frau Miller
Under Eighteen(1931) - Mom Evans (uncredited)
Compromised(1931) - Mrs. Squires
The Guilty Generation(1931) - Nina Palmero
Bad Company(1931) - Emma
Morals for Women(1931) - Mrs. Huston
This Modern Age(1931) - Mrs. Robert Blake Sr.
Too Young to Marry(1931) - Mrs. Bumpstead
Bad Sister(1931) - Mrs. Madison
The Prodigal(1931) - Mrs. Cynthia Farraday
Manslaughter(1930) - Miss Bennett
The Texan(1930) - Señora Doña Marguerita Ibarra
Side Street(1929) - Mrs. Nora O'Farrell
Pied Piper Malone(1924) - Mother Malone
Old Lady 31(1920) - Angie Rose
Mother(Късометражен)(1914/I) - Mrs. Wetherell


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