Айвън Ф. Симпсън (Ivan F. Simpson)

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1875-2-4 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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Всички филми на Айвън Ф. Симпсън (Ivan F. Simpson)

Всички филми и роли на Айвън Ф. Симпсън (Ivan F. Simpson)

Актьор - The Web(Сериал)(1951) - Unspeciified Role
The Philco Television Playhouse(Сериал)(1949-1951)
The Ford Theatre Hour(Сериал)(1951) - Duke of Towers
Armstrong Circle Theatre(Сериал)(1951) - Minister
Nash Airflyte Theatre(Сериал)(1951)
Lux Video Theatre(Сериал)(1951) - Professor Adams
Robert Montgomery Presents(Сериал)(1950-1951) - Lord Conynham / Frith
The Billy Rose Show(Сериал)(1950)
The Magnavox Theater(Сериал)(1950)
Kraft Theatre(Сериал)(1950)
My Girl Tisa(1948) - Old Man (uncredited)
The Hour Before the Dawn(1944) - Magistrate (uncredited)
The Uninvited(1944) - Will Hardy - Tobacconist (uncredited)
Jane Eyre(1943) - Mr. Woods - the Minister (uncredited)
Government Girl(1943) - Judge Leonard (uncredited)
My Kingdom for a Cook(1943) - Professor Harlow
Above Suspicion(1943) - Porter in Oxford (uncredited)
This Land Is Mine(1943) - Judge (as Ivan Simpson)
Two Weeks to Live(1943) - Professor Albert Frisby (as Ivan Simpson)
Forever and a Day(1943) - Dexter (as Ivan Simpson)
Random Harvest(1942) - The Vicar (as Ivan Simpson)
Nightmare(1942) - Arnold - Money Changer
Youth on Parade(1942) - Dean Wharton (as Ivan Simpson)
Eagle Squadron(1942) - Simms (uncredited)
They All Kissed the Bride(1942) - Dr. Cassell
The Male Animal(1942) - Dean Frederick Damon (as Ivan Simpson)
Nazi Agent(1942) - Professor Sterling (as Ivan Simpson)
The Body Disappears(1941) - Dean Claxton (as Ivan Simpson)
New Moon(1940) - Guizot
The Invisible Man Returns(1940) - Mr. Cotton (uncredited)
The Earl of Chicago(1940) - Hargraves (uncredited)
Tower of London(1939) - Anne's Protector (uncredited)
Rulers of the Sea(1939) - Secretary (uncredited)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes(1939) - Gates - Trial Prosecutor (uncredited)
The Sun Never Sets(1939) - A Doctor (uncredited)
Never Say Die(1939) - Kretsky (as Ivan Simpson)
Made for Each Other(1939) - Simon - Judge Doolittle's Brother (uncredited)
Booloo(1938) - 1st Governor (as Ivan Simpson)
Marie Antoinette(1938) - Sauce (uncredited)
Kidnapped(1938) - Old Man (uncredited)
The Adventures of Robin Hood(1938) - Proprietor of Kent Road Tavern (as Ivan Simpson)
Invisible Enemy(1938) - Michael
The Baroness and the Butler(1938) - Count Dormo (as Ivan Simpson)
45 Fathers(1937) - Chamberlain (uncredited)
Youth on Parole(1937) - Henchman (uncredited)
London by Night(1937) - Burroughs (as Ivan Simpson)
Night of Mystery(1937) - Sproot
The Prince and the Pauper(1937) - Clemens (as Ivan Simpson)
Maid of Salem(1937) - Rev. Parris (as Ivan Simpson)
Lloyd's of London(1936) - Old Man (as Ivan Simpson)
Mary of Scotland(1936) - Judge (as Ivan Simpson)
Trouble for Two(1936) - Collins (as Ivan Simpson)
Little Lord Fauntleroy(1936) - Rev. Mordaunt (as Ivan Simpson)
Captain Blood(1935) - Prosecutor (as Ivan Simpson)
The Great Impersonation(1935) - Dr. Harrison
East of Java(1935) - Resident (uncredited)
Splendor(1935) - Fletcher (as Ivan Simpson)
Mutiny on the Bounty(1935) - Morgan (as Ivan Simpson)
The Bishop Misbehaves(1935) - Mr. Grantham (as Ivan Simpson)
Mark of the Vampire(1935) - Jan (as Ivan Simpson)
Shadow of Doubt(1935) - Morse (as Ivan Simpson)
David Copperfield(1935) - Littimer (as Ivan Simpson)
The Little Minister(1934) - Sanders Webster (uncredited)
Among the Missing(1934) - Smeed (as Ivan Simpson)
British Agent(1934) - Poohbah Evans (as Ivan Simpson)
The World Moves On(1934) - Clumber (as Ivan Simpson)
Stingaree(1934) - Man with Beard (uncredited)
Murder in Trinidad(1934) - First Doctor (uncredited)
The House of Rothschild(1934) - Amschel Rothschild (as Ivan Simpson)
The Mystery of Mr. X(1934) - Hutchinson (as Ivan Simpson)
Man of Two Worlds(1934) - Dr. Lott
Her Secret(1933) - Lathrop (as Ivan Simpson)
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case(1933) - Brade
Blind Adventure(1933) - Perkins--Butler (uncredited)
Voltaire(1933) - Lelain - Actor (uncredited)
Midnight Mary(1933) - Tindle (as Ivan Simpson)
The Silk Express(1933) - Johnson - Kilgore's Secretary (as Ivan Simpson)
Lost in Limehouse(Късометражен)(1933) - The Duke of Dunkwell
The Secret of Madame Blanche(1933) - Aubrey's Lawyer (uncredited)
The Past of Mary Holmes(1933) - Jacob Riggs
The Monkey's Paw(1933) - Mr. White
Sherlock Holmes(1932) - Faulkner
The Phantom of Crestwood(1932) - Mr. Vayne (as Ivan Simpson)
The Crash(1932) - Hodge (as Ivan Simpson)
A Passport to Hell(1932) - Simms (as Ivan Simpson)
The Man Who Played God(1932) - Battle (as Ivan Simpson)
Safe in Hell(1931) - Crunch (as Ivan Simpson)
The Reckless Hour(1931) - Stevens - Adams' Butler (uncredited)
The Millionaire(1931) - Davis (as Ivan Simpson)
The Lady Who Dared(1930) - Butler (as Ivan Simpson)
The Sea God(1930) - Pearly Nick
The Way of All Men(1930) - Higgins (as Ivan Simpson)
Old English(1930) - Joe Pillin (as Ivan Simpson)
Manslaughter(1930) - Morson
Inside the Lines(1930) - Capper (as Ivan Simpson)
Golden Dawn(1930) - Secondary Supporting Role (uncredited)
Isle of Escape(1930) - Judge (as Ivan Simpson)
The Green Goddess(1930) - Watkins (as Ivan Simpson)
Evidence(1929) - Peabody (as Ivan Simpson)
Disraeli(1929) - Sir Hugh Myers (uncredited)
Womanhandled(1925) - Butler (uncredited)
A Kiss for Cinderella(1925) - Mr. Cutaway
Lovers in Quarantine(1925) - The Silent Passenger
Wild Susan(1925) - Malcolm (as Ivan Simpson)
Miss Bluebeard(1925) - Bounds (as Ivan Simpson)
Twenty Dollars a Week(1924) - James Pettison (as Ivan Sampson)
Twenty-One(1923) - Mr. Willis
The Green Goddess(1923) - Watkins (as Ivan Simpson)
The Man Who Played God(1922) - Battle
Out of the Drifts(1916) - Martin
The Dictator(1915) - Simpson


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