Хеда Хопър (Hedda Hopper)

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1885-5-2 - Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Всички филми на Хеда Хопър (Hedda Hopper)

Всички филми и роли на Хеда Хопър (Hedda Hopper)

Актриса - Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?(1966) - Hedda
the Mad Hatter (voice)
The Oscar(1966) - Hedda Hopper
The Beverly Hillbillies(Сериал)(1964) - Hedda Hopper
The Patsy(1964) - Hedda Hopper
The Right Approach(1961) - Newspaper Columnist (uncredited)
Pepe(1960) - Hedda Hopper
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour(Сериал)(1957) - Hedda Hopper
Playhouse 90(Сериал)(1957) - Maizie Weldon / Self
I Love Lucy(Сериал)(1955) - Hedda Hopper
Goodyear Playhouse(Сериал)(1953) - Hostess
Sunset Blvd.(1950) - Hedda Hopper
The Corpse Came C.O.D.(1947) - Hedda Hopper (uncredited)
Breakfast in Hollywood(1946) - Hedda Hopper
Reap the Wild Wind(1942) - Aunt Henrietta
I Wanted Wings(1941) - Mrs. Young (uncredited)
Life with Henry(1940) - Mrs. Aldrich
Cross-Country Romance(1940) - Mrs. North
Queen of the Mob(1940) - Mrs. Emily Sturgis
Laugh It Off(1939) - Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Rockingham
That's Right - You're Wrong(1939) - Hedda Hopper (uncredited)
What a Life(1939) - Mrs. Aldrich
The Women(1939) - Dolly DuPuyster
Midnight(1939) - Stephanie
Thanks for the Memory(1938/II) - Polly Griscom
Dangerous to Know(1938) - Mrs. Emily Carson
Maid's Night Out(1938) - Mrs. Harrison
Tarzan's Revenge(1938) - Penny Reed
Nothing Sacred(1937) - Dowager on Ship (uncredited)
Vogues of 1938(1937) - Mrs. Van Klettering (uncredited)
Artist and Models(1937) - Mrs. Townsend
Topper(1937) - Mrs. Stuyvesant
Dangerous Holiday(1937) - Lottie Courtney
You Can't Buy Luck(1937) - Mrs. Agnes White
Bunker Bean(1936) - Mrs. Dorothy Kent
Dracula's Daughter(1936) - Lady Esme Hammond
Doughnuts and Society(1936) - Mrs. Murray Hill
The Dark Hour(1936) - Mrs. Tallman
Ship Cafe(1935) - Tutor
3 Kids and a Queen(1935) - Mrs. Cummings
I Live My Life(1935) - Alvin's Mother
Alice Adams(1935) - Mrs. Palmer
Lady Tubbs(1935) - Mrs. Ronald Ash-Orcutt
Society Fever(1935) - Mrs. Vandergriff
One Frightened Night(1935) - Laura Proctor
No Ransom(1934) - Mrs. John Winfield
Little Man
What Now?(1934) - Nurse
Let's Be Ritzy(1934) - Mrs. Burton
Apples to You!(Късометражен)(1934) - Chairman of the Board's Wife (uncredited)
Bombay Mail(1934) - Lady Daniels
Beauty for Sale(1933) - Madame Sonia Barton
Pilgrimage(1933) - Mrs. Worth
The Barbarian(1933) - Mrs. Loway
Men Must Fight(1933) - Mrs. Chase
The Unwritten Law(1932) - Jean
Speak Easily(1932) - Mrs. Peets
Downstairs(1932) - Countess De Marnac
Skyscraper Souls(1932) - Ella Dwight
As You Desire Me(1932) - Ines Montari
Night World(1932) - Mrs. Rand
The Man Who Played God(1932) - Mrs. Alice Chittendon
Good Sport(1931) - Mrs. Atherton
West of Broadway(1931) - Mrs. Edith Trent
Flying High(1931) - Mrs. Smith
Rebound(1931) - Liz Crawford
The Mystery Train(1931) - Mrs. Marian Radcliffe
The Common Law(1931) - Mrs. Clare Collis
Shipmates(1931) - Auntie
The Stolen Jools(Късометражен)(1931) - Hedda - Norma's Friend
A Tailor Made Man(1931) - Mrs. Stanlaw
Men Call It Love(1931) - Callie Brooks
The Prodigal(1931) - Christine
The Easiest Way(1931) - Mrs. Clara Williams (uncredited)
War Nurse(1930) - Matron
Our Blushing Brides(1930) - Mrs. Russ-Weaver
Let Us Be Gay(1930) - Madge Livingston
Holiday(1930) - Susan Potter
Murder Will Out(1930) - Aunt Pat
High Society Blues(1930) - Mrs. Divine
Such Men Are Dangerous(1930) - Muriel Wyndham
A Song of Kentucky(1929) - Mrs. Coleman
The Racketeer(1929) - Mrs. Lee
Half Marriage(1929) - Mrs. Page
His Glorious Night(1929) - Mrs. Collingswood Stratton
Dog & Co.(Късометражен)(1929) - Be Kind to Animals Society President (uncredited)
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney(1929) - Lady Maria
Girls Gone Wild(1929) - Mrs. Holworthy
Companionate Marriage(1928) - Mrs. Moore
Runaway Girls(1928) - Mrs. Hartley
Undressed(1928) - Mrs. Stanley
Green Grass Widows(1928) - Mrs. Worthing
Harold Teen(1928) - Mrs. Hazzit
The Chorus Kid(1928) - Mrs. Garrett
The Port of Missing Girls(1928) - Mrs. C. King
The Whip Woman(1928) - Countess Ferenzi
Love and Learn(1928) - Mrs. Ann Blair
French Dressing(1927)
A Reno Divorce(1927) - Hedda Frane
The Drop Kick(1927) - Mrs. Hamill
One Woman to Another(1927) - Olive Gresham
Adam and Evil(1927) - Eleanor Leighton
The Cruel Truth(1927) - Grace Sturdevant
Black Tears(1927)
Wings(1927) - Mrs. Powell (uncredited)
Matinee Ladies(1927) - Mrs. Aldrich
Children of Divorce(1927) - Katherine Flanders
Venus of Venice(1927) - Jean's Mother
Orchids and Ermine(1927) - The Modiste
Obey the Law(1926) - The Society Woman
Mona Lisa(Късометражен)(1926) - Mona Lisa
Fools of Fashion(1926) - Countess de Fragni
Don Juan(1926) - Marchesia Rinaldo
Lew Tyler's Wives(1926) - Virginia Philips
The Silver Treasure(1926) - Mrs. Gould
Skinner's Dress Suit(1926) - Mrs. Colby
Pleasures of the Rich(1926) - Mona Vincent
The Caveman(1926) - Mrs. Van Dream
Dance Madness(1926) - Valentina
Borrowed Finery(1925) - Mrs. Bordon
The Teaser(1925) - Margaret Wyndham
Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman(1925) - Mrs. Clarice Vidal
Zander the Great(1925) - Mrs. Caldwell
Dangerous Innocence(1925) - Muriel Church
Déclassé(1925) - Lady Wildering
Her Market Value(1925) - Mrs. Bernice Hamilton
The Snob(1924) - Mrs. Leiter
Sinners in Silk(1924) - Mrs. Stevens
Another Scandal(1924) - Cousin Elizabeth MacKenzie
Miami(1924) - Mary Tate
Happiness(1924) - Mrs. Chrystal Pole
Why Men Leave Home(1924) - Nina Neilson
Gambling Wives(1924) - Madame Zoe
Reno(1923) - Mrs. Kate Norton Tappan
Has the World Gone Mad!(1923) - Mrs. Adams
Women Men Marry(1922) - Eleanor Carter
What's Wrong with the Women?(1922) - Mrs. Neer (as Mrs. De Wolf Hopper)
Sherlock Holmes(1922) - Madge Larrabee
Conceit(1921) - Mrs. Agnes Crombie (as Mrs. De Wolf Hopper)
The Inner Chamber(1921) - Mrs. Candor (as Mrs. De Wolf Hopper)
Heedless Moths(1921) - His Wife
The New York Idea(1920) - Vida Phillimore
The Man Who Lost Himself(1920) - Countess of Rochester
The Isle of Conquest(1919) - Mrs. Harmon
Sadie Love(1919) - Mrs. James Wakeley
The Third Degree(1919) - Mrs. Howard Jeffries Sr
Virtuous Wives(1918) - Irma Delabarre (as Mrs. DeWolf Hopper)
By Right of Purchase(1918) - Society Woman (uncredited)
The Beloved Traitor(1918) - Myrna Bliss
Nearly Married(1917) - Hattie King
Seven Keys to Baldpate(1917) - Myra Thornhill (as Elda Furry)
The Food Gamblers(1917) - June Justice (as Elda Millar)
Her Excellency
the Governor(1917) - SylviaMarlowe (as Elda Millar)
The Battle of Hearts(1916) - Maida Rhodes (as Elda Furry)


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