Робърт Питърс (Robert Peters)

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1961-7-20 - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Повече за актьора/режисьора

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Всички филми на Робърт Питърс (Robert Peters)

Всички филми и роли на Робърт Питърс (Robert Peters)

Актьор - Proving Ground - Officer Matthews
3rd Floor - Officer Miller
Sub Rosa - Jackie
The Triumphant Death of Frank Bean(Късометражен) - Paul Sanford
Help Wanted - Detective Gouviea
Looking for Dr. Love - Mr. Hauser
Nefarious - Dr. Stewart
The Trouble with Billy - Jeremiah Britain
Rachel Hendrix(2022) - Roger Evans
Reagan(2022) - Agent Jerry Parr
Big Life - Dean Schumacher
Heaven's Revenge - Detective Malves
Space Mission 6(Сериал) - Jack Pierpont
The Allnighter(2022) - Luke / Passenger Bob
Harmony(Сериал)(2021) - General Bradbury
The Trouble(2021) - Jeremy Britain
Stillwater(2021) - Pastor
Wheels of Fortune(2020) - Tractor Pull / Monster Jam Announcer
South of Sanity(Сериал)(2018-2020) - Mike Hilgreen
American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules(2020) - Principal Shankman
Infamous(2020) - Kurt
Witness Infection(2020) - Mr. Jordesman
The Christmas Pause(Късометражен)(2019) - Waiter Bob
Lying and Stealing(2019) - Beverly Hills Guard
On the Corner of Ego and Desire(2019) - Clarence
Grand-Daddy Day Care(2019) - Bailiff
Ice: The Movie(2018) - Robert
Daddy Daughter Date(Късометражен)(2017) - Doug Merritt
Speech & Debate(2017) - Coach Pemberton
An Uncommon Grace(2017) - Sheriff Newsome
Melonie's Gambit(Кратък телевизионен филм)(2016) - Billy
Oracle(Късометражен)(2016/II) - Man
Let Me Make You a Martyr(2016) - Father Jack
Forgiveness(Късометражен)(2016/III) - Vice President Gear
Rotten(Късометражен)(2016/II) - Dad
The Button(Късометражен)(2015/I) - Mr. Whiteman
The Funhouse Massacre(2015) - Dave
Fire City: End of Days(2015) - Bill
The Martial Arts Kid(2015) - Horace
In God's Time(2015) - Dr. Phillips
I'm Not Adam(2014) - Coutts
Fresh Blood(Късометражен)(2013) - Agent Mark Wright
Welcome to the Jungle(2013/I) - Dale
Home Run(2013) - J.T.
Lincoln(2012) - Jacob Graylor
Karr's Pull(Кратък телевизионен филм)(2011) - Piero
Charlie(Късометражен)(2011) - Boss
Carjacked(2011) - Orville
A Better Life(2011) - Truck Driver
L.A. Noire(Видео Игра)(2011) - Herman Salter (voice)
Peach Plum Pear(2011) - Carl
The Secret Bikini Pool Party(Късометражен)(2010) - Brother Fred
There's Something in the Pool(2010) - Jared
Bright Falls(Сериал)(2010) - Deputy Mulligan
Jeffie Was Here(2010) - Stu
Campus Cops(Късометражен)(2010) - Davidson
A Pushover Always Dies(Късометражен)(2009) - Chuck Walter - News anchor
Echo 3(Късометражен)(2009) - Mr. Whittleby
Diamond in the Rough(Късометражен)(2009) - Mr. Mentzer
Letting Go(2008/I) - Matthew
Chronic Town(2008) - Newton
The Deep Below(2007) - Abe Sampson
A Death in the Woods(Късометражен)(2007) - Bobby
Inc.(Късометражен)(2007) - Mr. Thomas
Grilled(2006) - Glenn the Toy Salesman
Hoboken Hollow(2006) - Donald-Paul
Even Money(2006/I) - Monte Player
Unbeatable Harold(2006) - Slinky McNulty
Half Empty(2006) - Bob Patterson
Invasion(Сериал)(2005) - Craig
Supernatural(Сериал)(2005) - Deputy Hein
Window(Късометражен)(2005/I) - Gene Barry
The Receipt(Късометражен)(2005) - Backwards Man (Narrator)
Wentworth(Късометражен)(2005) - Wentworth
Bad News Bears(2005) - Yankee Dad
Neo Ned(2005) - Ed Epps
A Lot Like Love(2005) - Roy Douglas
Break a Leg(2005) - Detective Pasternak
Annie's Point(2005) - Waylon
Medical Investigation(Сериал)(2005) - Kevin
Briefing(Късометражен)(2004) - Defense Secretary Bunker
The Last Run(2004) - Stan the Waiter
Skip Davenport: Federal Janitor(Късометражен)(2004) - Jim James
From Other Worlds(2004) - Steve
Releaf(Късометражен)(2004) - Bo
Open House(2004) - Ron Tucker
Century City(Сериал)(2004) - Sidney Wood
I Am Stamos(Късометражен)(2004) - Andy Shrub
Everwood(Сериал)(2002-2003) - Marty Maxwell
Baadasssss!(2003) - Bob Maxwell
Legally Blonde 2: Red
White & Blonde(2003) - Guard
The Bus Stops Here(Късометражен)(2003) - Mr. Busby
The United States of Leland(2003) - Security Guard
10:30 Check-Out(Късометражен)(2002) - Tom (stepfather)
Catch Me If You Can(2002) - FBI Agent
Sex and the City(Сериал)(2000-2002) - Bachelor #1 / Announcer
Legend of the Phantom Rider(2002) - Joey
The Round and Round(2002) - Senator Culvert
Leap of Faith(Сериал)(2002) - Joe
Project Redlight(Късометражен)(2002/I) - Skeete Jones
Ocean's Eleven(2001) - Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1
Angel(Сериал)(2001) - Arney
American Pie 2(2001) - Grill Guy
On Edge(2001) - Businessman #1
Eyeball Eddie(Късометражен)(2001) - Referee
Madigan Men(Сериал)(2000) - Midwestern Man
Experiencing Raju(Късометражен)(2000) - Buddy Brewer
Dropping Out(2000) - Larry
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy(2000) - Cop
All the Rage(1999) - Phil
The Deformation of Myrna Brown(Късометражен)(1999) - Doctor Serra
Mutual Love Life(Късометражен)(1999) - Phil Shucky
Certain Guys(1999) - Burdett
The X-Files(Сериал)(1999) - Sergeant
Go(1999) - Switterman
A Murder of Crows(1998) - New Orleans Desk Sergeant
Route 9(1998) - Booker
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish(1998) - Hungry Officer
Overdrive(1998) - Race Official
Addams Family Reunion(1998) - Tough Guest
Break Up(1998) - Baker Cop #2
Watchers 4(1998) - Driver #1
The Lesser Evil(1998) - Hunter #1
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction(Сериал)(1998) - Judd's Buddy (segment "Deer Hunters") / Judd's Buddy
Modern Vampires(1998) - Cop #1
The Pretender(Сериал)(1998) - Dave Dugger
Delivery(1997) - Steve
Sparkler(1997) - Buddy #2
Switchback(1997) - Colorado Trooper
Team Knight Rider(Сериал)(1997) - Fred
Alien Avengers II(1997) - Deputy Sheriff
Under Oath(1997) - Terry Dawson
Kiss the Girls(1997) - Agent on Robe
Air Force One(1997) - USAF Radio Specialist #2
Truth or Consequences
N.M.(1997) - Market Clerk
Eye of God(1997) - Del
Coach(Сериал)(1996-1997) - Wayne / Casey
The Practice(Сериал)(1997) - Officer Cooper
Traveller(1997) - Farmer's Son
Humanoids from the Deep(1996) - Officer
Last Exit to Earth(1996) - First Mate
Ruby Jean and Joe(1996) - 2nd Rodeo Cowboy
Mulholland Falls(1996) - Cop #1
Freeway(1996) - Cop #2
Wild Bill(1995) - Mike Williams
Hard Bounty(1995) - Sneaky
Panther(1995/I) - Cop at Ramparts
Red Shoe Diaries(Сериал)(1993-1994) - Cop #2 / Slim
Without Warning(1994) - Dwayne Haskell
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Hollywood Follies(1994) - Flanagan
Wilder Napalm(1993) - Deputy Sheriff Day
In the Line of Fire(1993) - Hunter
Chaplin(1992) - Great Dictator Cinematographer (uncredited)
Kansas(1988) - 'Fair' Farmer (as Robert J. Peters)
Pass the Ammo(1987) - Camera Man

Режисьор: South of Sanity(2018-2020)
Half Empty(2006)
The Bus Stops Here(2003)
Project Redlight(2002/I)
Mutual Love Life(1999)


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