Джоузеф Самър (Josef Sommer)

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June 26, 1934 - Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

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Всички филми на Джоузеф Самър (Josef Sommer)

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Всички филми и роли на Джоузеф Самър (Josef Sommer)

Актьор - The Other Guys(2010) - D.A. Radford (uncredited)
Stop-Loss(2008) - Senator Orton Worrell
The Invasion(2007/I) - Dr. Henryk Belicec
X-Men: The Last Stand(2006) - The President
The Elephant King(2006) - Bill (Dad)
Without a Trace(Сериал)(2004) - Peter Ducek
The West Wing(Сериал)(2004) - Steve Gaines
Law & Order: Criminal Intent(Сериал)(2003) - Spencer Durning
Benjamin Franklin(Мини Сериал)(2002) - Cotton Mather
Searching for Paradise(2002) - Carl Greenslate
The Sum of All Fears(2002) - Senator Jessup
Providence(Сериал)(2001) - Thomas Wheelock
Ally McBeal(Сериал)(2001) - Henry Thompson
The Family Man(2000) - Peter Lassiter
Shaft(2000) - Curt Fleming
The Next Best Thing(2000) - Richard Whittaker
Law & Order(Сериал)(1996-2000) - Defense Attorney Patrick Rumsey / Judge Lawrence Hellman
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(Сериал)(2000) - Patrick Rumsey
The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer(1999) - Corporate Man
Patch Adams(1998) - Dr. Eaton
Lulu on the Bridge(1998) - Peter Shine (DVD deleted scene) (uncredited)
Bulworth(1998) - Doctor (uncredited)
The Proposition(1998) - Father Dryer
Early Edition(Сериал)(1997) - John Dobbs
Hidden in America(1996) - Edward Millerton
Mistrial(1996) - Nick Mirsky
The Chamber(1996) - Phelps Bowen
Moonlight and Valentino(1995) - Thomas Trager
Strange Days(1995) - Palmer Strickland
Letter to My Killer(1995) - Martin Prescott
Kansas(1995) - Joseph 'Joe' Farley
Nobody's Fool(1994) - Clive Peoples
Don't Drink the Water(1994) - Ambassador Magee
The Enemy Within(1994) - Defence Secretary Charles Potter
Cultivating Charlie(1994) - Prescott Putney
Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker(1994) - Col. Morrow
Malice(1993) - Lester Adams
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles(Сериал)(1993) - Woodrow Wilson
An American Story(1992) - Henry Meade
Hostages(1992) - Tom Sutherland
The Mighty Ducks(1992) - Gerald Ducksworth
Citizen Cohn(1992) - Albert Cohn
Last Ferry Home(1992) - Sam Turner
Under Cover(1992) - Stewart Merriman
Before the Storm(1991)
Under Cover(Сериал)(1991) - Stewart Merriman
Shadows and Fog(1991) - Priest
A Woman Named Jackie(Мини Сериал)(1991) - Joseph Kennedy Sr.
When Will I Be Loved?(1990) - Martin Ransil
Great Performances(Сериал)(1974-1990) - Polonius / Nikolai
The Kennedys of Massachusetts(Мини Сериал)(1990) - Franklin D. Roosevelt
Murder.(1989) - Jack Finley
Forced March(1989) - Father
Bloodhounds of Broadway(1989) - Waldo Winchester
Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman(1989) - Charles Estiman
Bridge to Silence(1989) - Al Duffield
Chances Are(1989) - Judge Fenwick
The Equalizer(Сериал)(1988) - Ernest Rasher
Hothouse(Сериал)(1988) - Dr. Sam Garrison
Dracula's Widow(1988) - Lannon
The Rosary Murders(1987) - Lieutenant Koznicki
A Special Friendship(1987) - General Winder
The Betty Ford Story(1987) - President Gerald Ford
American Playhouse(Сериал)(1987) - Doc
Scarecrow and Mrs. King(Сериал)(1986) - Raoul Nesbitt
Screen Two(Сериал)(1986) - James Angleton
The Execution of Raymond Graham(1985) - Jim Neal
Target(1985) - Taber
I Had Three Wives(Сериал)(1985) - McWilliams
D.A.R.Y.L.(1985) - Dr. Jeffrey Stewart
Brotherly Love(1985) - Mr. Rafferty
Witness(1985) - Schaeffer
Iceman(1984) - Whitman
Silkwood(1983) - Max Richter
Saigon: Year of the Cat(1983) - Jack Ockham
Sparkling Cyanide(1983) - George Barton
Independence Day(1983) - Sam Taylor
Sophie's Choice(1982) - Narrator (voice)
Still of the Night(1982) - George Bynum
Hanky Panky(1982) - Adrian Pruitt
Rollover(1981) - Roy Lefcourt
Reds(1981) - State Department Official
Absence of Malice(1981) - McAdam
Mourning Becomes Electra(Мини Сериал)(1981) - Brigadier General Ezra Mannon
Search for Tomorrow(Сериал)(1980) - Dr. Hastings
The Henderson Monster(1980) - Dr. Martin Grossman
Hide in Plain Sight(1980) - Jason R. Reid
Doctor Franken(1980) - Mr. Parker
The Scarlet Letter(Мини Сериал)(1979) - Nathaniel Hawthorne
Too Far to Go(1979) - Henry
Oliver's Story(1978) - Dr. Dienhart
Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1977) - Larry Butler
The Best of Families(Мини Сериал)(1977) - Jacob Riis
The Andros Targets(Сериал)(1977) - Benson Fisher
The Front(1976) - Committee Chairman (as M. Josef Sommer)
The Adams Chronicles(Мини Сериал)(1976) - Charles Lee
Valley Forge(1975) - Brig. Gen. 'Dusty' Varnum
The Stepford Wives(1975) - Ted Van Sant (as Josef Somer)
The Doctors(Сериал)(1973-1974) - Dave Davis
Man on a Swing(1974) - Pete Russell
The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope(Късометражен)(1972) - Proctor
Dirty Harry(1971) - Rothko


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