Дрю Сили (Drew Seeley)

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1982-4-30 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Всички филми на Дрю Сили (Drew Seeley)

Всички филми и роли на Дрю Сили (Drew Seeley)

Актьор - Back to 1 - Jack Flynn
Max & Wrigley(Сериал) - Max
The Rookie(Сериал)(2022) - Francis Bloomfield
Christmas Movie Magic(2021) - Brad Westdale
My Boss' Wedding(2021) - Michael
Disrupted(2020) - Sherman
Write Before Christmas(2019) - Jax
Robot Chicken(Сериал)(2019) - Chad Danforth
A Christmas for the Books(2018) - Ted Domrose
He Knows Your Every Move(2018) - Stuart Weinbach aka 'Jack Newsom'
A Friend's Obsession(2018) - Lloyd
Shooter(Сериал)(2017) - Toby Sloane
Do Over(2016) - Sean King
Chalk It Up(2016) - Todd
Union Bound(2016) - Confederate Sharpshooter
Yellow Day(2015) - The Good Man
The Interrogationists(Сериал)(2014) - Jason Vance
CoffeeHouse(Сериал)(2014) - Brandon Sherwood
Second Time Around(Късометражен)(2014/II) - Sean
LA Bound: 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving to LA(Късометражен)(2014) - Parking Guy 1
His & Hers(Сериал)(2014) - Jason
Minute Motivations(Сериал)(2013)
Non-Stop(2013) - Ronnie
The Flip Side(Сериал)(2013)
Lovestruck: The Musical(2013) - Younger Ryan
Hanson: Get the Girl Back(2013) - Drew Seeley
Drew Seeley: Into the Fire(2013)
BK Comedy Series(Сериал)(2013)
Pitch Perfect(2012) - Male Voice #5
TalhotBlond(2012) - Tommy
The Madame(Късометражен)(2012) - Partier
Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't(2011) - Liam the Human (singing voice)
Glory Daze(Сериал)(2010-2011) - Jason Wilson
The Closer(Сериал)(2010) - Boyd Martin
I Kissed a Vampire(2010) - Trey Sylvanie (as Andrew Seeley)
Freshman Father(2010) - John Patton
Hey Jenny(2010)
I Kissed a Vampire(Сериал)(2009) - Trey Sylvania
The Shortcut(2009) - Derek
Drew Seeley Feat. Selena Gomez: New Classic(2009) - Drew Seeley
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody(Сериал)(2008) - Jeffrey
Another Cinderella Story(2008) - Joey Parker
Claire(2007) - Bobby Mills
The Modern Unicorn's Guide to Love and Magic(Късометражен)(2006) - Matt (as Andrew Seeley
Belinda: Ni Freud Ni Tu Mamá(2006) - Dancer
Christopher Brennan Saves the World(Късометражен)(2006) - Tom Hartwell (as Andrew Seeley)
High School Musical(2006) - Troy Bolton (singing voice
Complete Guide to Guys(2005) - Stearns (as Andrew Seeley)
Campus Confidential(2005) - Logan (as Andrew Seeley)
Locusts(2005) - Willy (as Andrew Seeley)
Stuck in the Suburbs(2004) - Front Desk Clerk (as Andrew Seeley)
One Tree Hill(Сериал)(2003-2004) - Johnny 'Vegas' Norris
Dawson's Creek(Сериал)(2002) - Male
Guiding Light(Сериал)(2000) - Andrew
Camp Tanglefoot: It All Adds Up(1999) - Tommy (as Andrew Seeley)

Режисьор: Remember the Thyme: A Parody of Michael Jackson's Remember the Time(2014)
Second Time Around(2014/II)


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